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Iuliia Ryzhkova

A profile photo of Iuliia Rhyzhkova in a garden in Cardiff.

A graduate from the Siberian Federal University, Iuliia Ryzhkova looked to develop her career as an architectural designer  by completing a postgraduate degree at Cardiff University. Iuliia also participated in the Global Education Program.

Student name: Iuliia Ryzhkova
Course: MA Urban Design
Country: Russia
Year of graduation: 2017

I chose Cardiff University because of the program – one year of study including 6 important modules and a research-based design project. The other important issue was two field trips: one around the UK and the other outside the UK. Also, the fee is not so high – I was able to pay the fee, accommodation, visa fees and it was enough money to live in Cardiff. The last thing that made me choose Cardiff University was its location – South-West of Great Britain with mild climate and sea nearby.

Participation in the Global Education Program helped me to pay all fees and also living costs. In this way, I got money and education that I can use in Russia.

The most exciting thing about my study is the really intense and interesting program; the excellent Students' Union; and the policy of public access for ordinary citizens to events of the University. During my eight months here in Cardiff I got so much new knowledge, met so many new people, and visited many places. It was really awesome to go free for concerts in School of Music: this is the very good policy of the University – you have an opportunity to attend many events just for free, as you are the student. An unforgettable experience of study and leisure time was an organization of the range of events open to the public. I got the opportunity to listen to the “Wild Cities” lecture and met ordinary citizens of Cardiff. What was most valuable was that this information wasn’t published yet, as data was just collected, but main findings were already formulated – and this is one of the most contemporary theories.

During my eight months here in Cardiff I got so much new knowledge, met so many new people, and visited many places.

Iuliia Ryzhkova

As I am from Siberia, considered as one of the coldest regions, I am really happy with the mild climate. The city is so lovely and green. I really like the atmosphere of Cardiff – an easy-going rhythm of living helps me to concentrate on study and enjoy all the treasures of the place. Also, what is valuable for me is that Cardiff is very green city – so many parks, gardens and they are flowering almost all the year – it is very beautiful and for me, it is pure joy to see so many flowers and different trees.

My advice for people who are thinking about Cardiff University and Master course in Urban Design is don't hesitate – it is a really balanced intensive program with high professional leaders and tutors. And it is always interesting to explore new cities with such a great team. If you are thinking about participation in the Global Education Program (GEP), be ready to think about your future employment from the start of your study. It is better if you will have the appointment with the company you want to work in and they need to be ready to make many actions to be included. In general, GEP is worth it.

As it is in my contract for GEP, I am planning to go back to Russia and work there with my new specialty for three years. After this, I will continue my work as the urban designer or will apply for a Ph.D.