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Theofaneia Koukouraki

Theofideia Koukouraki Greece

Meet Greek student ambassador, Theofaneia, who is studying Economics and Management with a professional placement year.

Name: Theofaneia Koukouraki
Country: Athens, Greece
Course: BScEcon Economics and Management Studies (with a professional placement year)
Year of graduation: 2021

Why did you decide to come to study at Cardiff University?

I always felt that Cardiff University would be the right choice for me, even when I was going through the process of choosing which university I wanted to study at. This is because I knew that I wanted to attend a university within the UK that allowed me to both engage with my studies and explore new possibilities and opportunities that were not offered to me before.

Overall, Cardiff is a beautiful place to live in and is also very student-friendly. Besides providing its students with a unique university experience, Cardiff also allows us to be part of its community, engaging in various activities, both within and outside the University.

"Cardiff is a beautiful place to live in and is also very student-friendly!"

Theofaneia Koukouraki, BScEcon Economics and Business Studies, 2017 - 2021

Why did you choose your programme of study over others?

When the time came to choose the degree I wanted to study at Cardiff, I was torn between Economics and Business Management, both of which I had strongly engaged with in the past. That was, until I saw that Cardiff University allowed me to combine the two and study Economics and Management Studies, hence not having to choose between two subjects that I equally wanted to take. Instead, I was given the opportunity to study elements of both and complete a professional placement year too.

In terms of the professional placement year, I believe that it will allow me to explore a wider range of opportunities and gain a new perspective into the graduate world, while simultaneously improving my employability and gaining new experiences.

Do you enjoy living in Cardiff? Do you have any examples of how is it different or similar to back home?

I really enjoy living in Cardiff, especially because it allows me to engage in new and various activities all the time. One way in which Cardiff is different to Greece is definitely the weather. I would say Cardiff is relatively a lot colder than Greece, but that's expected when you live in the UK and you come from a country with a much warmer climate. However, I would say the two are pretty similar in terms of offering a great environment for their students to live in that, instantly, makes you feel at home.

What are you planning to do after you graduate?

After I graduate from Cardiff University, I hope to come back to the UK and do a masters degree. However, I am not yet sure I will do that in Cardiff, although I hope I do. One thing I know for sure is that, wherever I go, I will definitely come back and visit as much as I can.