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Antonis Georghadjis

Antonis Georghadjis

Cypriot student ambassador, Antonis, came to study in Cardiff based on his desire to experience new things and challenge himself in the specialist route of Business Management - Logistics and Operations.

Name: Antonis Geogrhadjis
Country: Cyprus
CourseBSc Business Management - Logistics and Operations (with a professional placement year)
Year of graduation: 2021

Why did you decide to come to study at Cardiff University?

My decision to come to study in Cardiff was based on my desire to experience new things and challenge myself outside my home country. When I was in high school, I attended a Summer School that was based in a university in the UK and I found that the way British universities work was very well suited to me. Therefore, I wanted to obtain a degree from a reputable UK university that is globally recognised, so as to be more employable after my graduation.

I was aware that Cardiff University is a Russel Group university and among the leading research universities. In addition, the quality of life in Cardiff was another factor that influenced my choice. Having visited numerous cities in the UK prior to my studies, Cardiff was the one that I found the safest, the most affordable and more fun to live in. As a capital city, Cardiff combines everything a student wants, from football and rugby games to museums and theatres, which is something I consider as very important.

Why did you choose your programme of study over others?

I chose to study Business Management (Logistics and Operations) with a professional placement year mainly because my father owns a logistics company in Cyprus and I wanted to follow in his career footsteps. This programme of study impressed me from the beginning since it was very flexible in terms of the modules and specialisation and thus I was able to adjust it to my specific needs.

Looking through the modules I noticed that it was very well balanced between the two subjects. This was very important as I believe that you cannot successfully run a logistics company without a knowledge of business management. Also, my decision was influenced by the fact that students have the chance to gain working experience before committing to their future career through an integrated work placement, which is very valuable.

"Cardiff University is a Russel Group university and among the leading research universities."

Antonis Georghadjis, BSc Business Management, 2016 - 2020

Do you enjoy living in Cardiff? Do you have any examples of how is it different or similar to back home?

Cardiff is a capital city with sports, art and culture at its heart. The Welsh capital is a vibrant, compact and friendly city that offers a cosmopolitan living while also being in a close proximity to the coastline and countryside. The campus is located within the city centre which offers almost anything a student wants; great nightlife, variety of shops and restaurants, parks and even a castle.

Furthermore, Cardiff hosts various national and international sports events all year round, which is something that I particularly like. Cardiff City Football Club has been promoted to the Premier League last year and thus I never miss a chance to watch the Bluebirds playing against some of the best teams in the world.

Compared to other British cities, Cardiff is very affordable and offers many green spaces and parks. Although Cardiff’s weather is not the best as opposed to Cyprus, the waterfront at Cardiff Bay makes me feel like home, especially on sunny days.

How was your professional placement year?

My professional placement year at Kuehne+Nagel was a fantastic and invaluable experience that helped me to identify and define my future career path. Working in a busy operational environment as part of my degree, confirmed my thoughts that the logistics industry is indeed where I would like to work in the future. Having the opportunity to work at Kuehne+Nagel whilst on placement has helped me to develop both personally and professionally as I gained a first-hand experience in the real world of a global logistics service provider.

During my placement, I was given an active role in planning the sea-freight export shipments from the UK to overseas. This helped me to develop my passion and enthusiasm for the industry, as well as improve and acquire a wide variety of work-related skills. Undoubtedly, the placement was a fantastic and rewarding experience that enabled me to put my academic knowledge into action in real life situations and build valuable professional connections that will be very helpful in the future.

I would definitely recommend a placement year to other students, since they will have the opportunity to improve their understanding of the industry before committing to a future career, whilst also securing a possible position after graduation.

What are you planning to do after you graduate?

After graduation I am planning to pursue an MSc in Business Analytics in order to gain additional knowledge in a discipline that is emerging in recent years and will assist me for my future career. Even though my father is waiting for me in Cyprus to apply new ideas to his company and start managing it, I believe that a postgraduate degree will equip me with additional valuable skills, knowledge and experience that are required nowadays.