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Thitichaya Tongyoung

Photo of Thai student Thitichaya Tongyoung

Thitichaya Tongyoung, a Thai student at Cardiff Business School, completed a bachelor’s degree as a Logistics Engineer in Thailand.

Currently, she is doing her master in “Logistics and Operation Management” at Cardiff University and wants to study in depth about Logistics.

Tell us about your course. How is it different from studying back home?

The course I’m taking is Logistics and Operation Management, which somewhat relates to my previous education. I can tell it is different in terms of teaching style. In my home country, apart from lectures, we don’t get a lot of case study or practical workshops. In the field of logistics, studying in the classroom alone is not enough to understand the concept, but also self-study and practicing with real cases is important. Both individual and group work here lets me apply knowledge from lectures and individual study, without limiting my ideas. Also, I am provided with many tutorials to support my studies and further my understanding of each topic.

What have you enjoyed most about studying at Cardiff University?

For me, it’s about making friends. Cardiff University is cosmopolitan, I have met many friends from different countries, such as Europe and Asia, including my neighbor country. It a good opportunity to continually improve my English, learn about other countries and share our experiences. I’m happy to join many activities with them such as having dinner, cooking, hanging out and going on a trip or on holidays. Different perspectives from them give me a wide view about living and studying as well.

What is the best thing about living in Cardiff?

The best thing for me is the environment, because Cardiff is not a busy city with a lot of crowds, but it is surrounded by beautiful nature. Fresh air and trees make me feel relieved from stress. I usually go to the park for a walk, picnic or chilling when the sun comes out. I think a good environment has a good impact on peoples’ lives.

How has the university supported you during your time here?

I received support as soon as I arrived here in Cardiff. At the time, I had a problem with accommodation and my tenancy agreement. I got a lot of help from staff, especially from the accommodation team and we finally solved the problem.
Also, the career support team have helped me. They have looked through my CV and cover letter and suggested some relevant points to help me make my application better.
I have also found the language support extremely helpful. At Cardiff Uni, there is in-sessional English support for enhancing academic English skills in every area during term-time.

What would your advice be for prospective students thinking about coming to Cardiff?

Just be clear about what you want to learn and look through the module descriptions on the University’s website for your own benefit. Anyway, don’t worry if you want to change your course later. In the first week, you can sit-in any modules to make sure it fits your desire. The university is very helpful and willing to support you when you face any problems.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to find a job or placement in the UK to increase my future opportunity and experience in my career field. Also, my aim is to work aboard or for an international company, to gain the ability to work in a different work place with an international environment. Therefore, I have just applied for an external dissertation project that I hope will support my future plans.