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Esther Loi

Esther comes from Singapore and is currently in the first year of her degree in Media, Journalism and Cultural studies.

Esther Loi

Student name: Esther Loi
Course title: BA Media, Journalism and Culture
Country: Singapore
Year of graduation: 2020

I’m from Singapore and I’m currently in the first year of my degree. I enjoy photography as a hobby and I’m always looking forward to shooting new locations and people, so I’m more interested in travel journalism along with travel photography. After graduating, I hope to be more certain of what I wish to specialise in and complete my post-graduate degree in the UK, followed by some work experience before returning to Singapore.

Why did you choose to study at Cardiff University?

Cardiff University is internationally recognised as one of the best schools for Journalism in terms of teaching and research, and I am interested in the diverse modules the course offers me. It was the wide exposure the modules provided, with many interesting topics, that finalised my decision to choose Cardiff University. Furthermore, being situated in the bustling Welsh capital next to the BBC Wales building (from September 2018 onwards) would give students direct access to major media organisations.

What is your course like, so far?

It is relatively technical and sets the foundation for more vigorous modules in the following years of study. The workload is fairly balanced, and I do not find myself struggling to keep up with the content being taught. Lectures and seminars follow the basic course outline that is shared with students right from the beginning of the semester, and readings are allocated accordingly for each week, so it definitely requires quite a bit of independent learning.

What is it like to be living in Cardiff?

I definitely experienced some form of culture shock when I first arrived, especially because I was used to the city life back home in Singapore where I could get to everywhere using public transport. As Cardiff is a relatively small city, walking by foot seems to be the most preferred mode of travel, which was a huge difference from Singapore. It was a new experience for me, to enjoy walking and to take in the sights around me as I walked to school or to the city from my student accommodation. Cardiff is the Welsh capital, so it is really quite vibrant, and I would say that it has the right balance of the bustling city life along with the calm tranquillity its sceneries offer. It is an interesting place to live in and discover new things from, especially because most Singaporeans do not know where Wales is.

I love the fact that Cardiff is so special because we can easily take the train down to neighbouring Welsh cities that are beautiful places less travelled to by tourists, and really experience things first-hand without any hyped-up perspectives fed to us by social media. One great thing about Cardiff is that it is really affordable to live in, and to enjoy a day out without burning a hole in your pocket!

How has the University supported you during your time here?

The staff has been very helpful to me and have answered all of my queries very well. Lecturers and seminar tutors are willing to help you if you have any additional questions about content being taught to us.

What would be your advice for prospective students thinking about coming to Cardiff?

Cardiff is an interesting place to study in. If you’re willing to immerse yourself in a new experience, it is the right place for you. I would suggest doing thorough research on the course you’re interested in, along with speaking to past alumni and advisors, to get a better feeling of the course.