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Choosing your programme

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Our academic system is modular which means you will be able to choose classes from different subjects.

Creating your programme

A step-by-step guide

  1. Check if your home university has any restrictions on courses that you can study abroad. You may also find it useful to consider our semester dates.
  2. Take a look at the online module catalogue for the full list of courses we offer. If you're wondering what studying will be like in the UK, visit the studying with us section.
  3. Build your study abroad programme ensuring that you have selected sufficient credits. You will need to take 60 credits per semester, and half of the credits you enrol on must be from one Academic School. You will need to pay attention to the level and credit value of each course.
  4. Check with your home university that credits can be transferred for the modules you have selected. If you require full module syllabi please contact our offices:
  5. Read the how to apply information, complete the application form and submit it to us.

Selecting modules

Modules in the catalogue are listed by subject area. However, you are able to take courses from across Academic Schools. It is recommended that you do not select courses from across too many Academic Schools as this makes the possibility of timetable clashes more likely. We strongly advise taking the majority of your modules within one Academic School where possible, see our advice for selecting modules.

Number of credits

It is a visa requirement that you take 60 credits per semester. This is the same amount of credits taken by students studying for their full degree with us.

Most of our modules are worth 10 or 20 credits. See some examples of how to build your study abroad programme. They demonstrate how you can build your programme using different credit amounts.


In contrast to education systems in countries like the USA, our students put together their timetables when they complete the enrolment process on campus. As with every step of the process, you will be fully supported by our team.

Changing your module selection

There is an add/drop period of a maximum of two weeks after the beginning of the semester to transfer modules. However you will only be allowed to add/drop a module if absolutely necessary, for example in the instance of a timetable clash.

You should be certain of their module choices and understand how these credits will transfer back to your degree before you arrive at Cardiff University.

More information

If you need advice about any of the courses that you are interested in, please contact us. We can put you in contact with the relevant academic member of staff who will be happy to answer any questions.