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Funded projects

SCHeP, through the Welsh Governent initaitive, are pleased to be supporting such interesting and diverse projects which focus on art's, culture and heritage.

Learn about the projects we have helped fund under the Fusion Pioneer Programme:

SM-ART Initiative

An exciting new initiative to utilise art as a means of helping homeless people gain new skills that could lead to real employment opportunities with life-changing consequences.

TwLetteratura Cymru

Introducing an educational programme developed by TwLetteratura (Italy) to encourage better engagement with reading by making it more fun.

Energy + Notion - Schools

Introducing progressive techniques of photography, filmmaking, discussion and interviews into a primary school classroom environment.

CAER Pizza Forge Project

Engaging young people in a project to build a bread oven, design and build a modern day pizza oven providing hands on experience with the opportunity to gain training.