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Capacity building in research and evaluation

We propose to develop a sustainable model for collaborative research, exchange and impact between Cardiff University and the two Communities First Clusters: Butetown, Riverside and Grangetown and North Merthyr Tydfil.

This will be achieved through a series of capacity building courses focusing on collaborative approaches to participate in, and engage with, research processes and findings that support the Communities First delivery and inclusion plans.

The training is aimed at:

  • Communities First staff
  • Community members and groups
  • Third sector and charitable organisation
  • University staff and students.


  • Level 3 accreditation from Cardiff University for all participants who complete the courses.
  • Community groups and Communities First staff as equal partners in research.
  • The development of more research projects that address the concerns and aspirations of people living in Communities First Areas
  • More confidence in community lead research, action and change.

Introduction to co-production and participatory research

Workbook: Introduction to Co-Production

Toolkit for developing a word of mouth network

Toolkit for the development of a word of mouth network