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Trade unions

Plaque on the Mechanics' Institute, Manchester, site of the first meeting of the TUC in 1868.
Plaque on the Mechanics' Institute, Manchester, site of the first meeting of the TUC in 1868. Photo by KJP1 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Cardiff Trades Union Council archive 1941-88

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The collection contains the records of the Cardiff Trades Union Council including:

  • the Constitution
  • minutes of the Council and Executive Committee from 1941-1981
  • correspondence with affiliated trade unions, 1975-1984
  • general correspondence, 1961-1988
  • ‘special’ correspondence and papers relating to (inter alia) East Moors Steelworks, South Glamorgan District Manpower Committee, National Health Service, and the Miners’ strike 1984-1985
  • TUC literature
  • Wales TUC Annual Conferences
  • papers of P.L. ‘Charlie’ Swain, Secretary of CTUC
  • papers of the TUC Education Advisory Committee for Wales
  • printed booklets, committee papers, manuscript notes, letters, pamphlets, ballot papers, address books, receipt books, journal issues, pressure-group newsletters, reports, newspaper cuttings, flyers
  • circulars, correspondence and press statements on political issues (eg NHS, energy, unemployment, benefits, nuclear disarmament, Palestine, race relations, anti-Nazi League, anti-apartheid, and the Iranian revolution), 1979-84

The collection demonstrates the work of the Cardiff Trades Union Council in bringing together disparate unions to campaign around common issues affecting the local community. A valuable social and political history resource, covering issues affecting the working people of Cardiff, as well as wider international concerns, during the latter half of the 20th century.

Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru archive

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UCAC (Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru) was the first trade union established in Wales in order to serve the needs of Welsh language teachers, which would further the aims of the union in the world of Welsh medium teaching in Wales. Documents relate to the annual conference, the National Executive, the geographical branches, and the sections (treasurer, legal, publications, colleges, languages panel, assistance, sick fund, fighting fund, audio visual, and Headteachers’ Association).

The archive represents a valuable resource for studying the Welsh language and culture in the 20th century, and UCAC had a role in the campaign to win legal status for the Welsh language. The union’s pioneering role as a national body for Wales means the archive is an important source for its political development in this period, and reflects obvious developments such as the growth of nationalism, establishing the Welsh Office and the post of Secretary of State for Wales, and the great changes that came in the wake of local government re-organisation. Education in Wales is the main subject of the union’s papers, from nursery schools to adult education.

Pamphlets from teachers' unions

  • Development of day release. Evidence submitted to Henniker-Heaton Committee, 1963
  • Comments on 'Training for commerce and the office', 1968
  • Extended college year, 1968
  • 16-19: An FE view, 1969
  • General studies - a statement, 1969
  • Education for the future, 1970
  • Education, training and employment of women and girls, 1970
  • Evidence to the James Committee on Teacher Education, 1971
  • Information for technical teachers: handbook, 1972
  • Education of the 16-19 age group, 1972
  • James Report, 1972
  • Future of Further and Higher Education: A statement on the White Paper 'Education: a framework for expansion', 1973
  • Postgraduate education in the public sector - a policy statement, 1973
  • Education, training and employment of women and girls, 1973
  • Education of the 16-19 age group - part-time: a policy statement, 1973
  • Educational technology - a policy statement, 1974
  • Constitution and rules, 1976
  • Information series no 1: Structure and objectives, 1976
  • Information series no 2: Salaries, 1976
  • Information series no 3: Teacher education, 1976
  • Education, training and employment of the 16-19 age group - draft policy statement, 1977
  • Information series no 3: Teachers' pensions, 1977
  • Education and training of teachers for Further and Higher Education, 1978
  • Higher Education - a policy statement, 1978
  • Teacher education - a policy statement, 1978
  • Art and design education - a policy statement, 1978
  • Young unemployed: a policy statement, n.d.
  • Education, training and employment of the 16-19 age group - a policy statement, n.d.
  • Assessment, n.d.
  • Press and public relations guide, n.d.
  • Submission of the Further Education teachers' panel to the Houghton Inquiry , n.d.
  • Library catalogue, 1949
  • Supplement to library catalogue, Sept 1950
  • Supplement to library catalogue, Sept 1953
  • Teachers' salaries: the basic scale, SC4, 1954
  • Teachers' salaries: the basic scale (revised), SC4, 1955
  • School meals service, 1955
  • Supplement to library catalogue, Sept 1955
  • Teachers' salaries: a short guide to the new salary scales, 1956
  • Annual conference, Scarborough, 1958
  • Salary policy, a memorandum, 1958
  • Education of maladjusted children, 1962
  • Establishing a self-governing teaching profession… to be presented to the Blackpool conference, 1963
  • Salaries in the teaching profession: a short guide to the salary scales, 1963
  • The government, education and teachers, 1964
  • Union salary policy, 1964
  • Information for teachers, 1964

Trade union journals and newsletters

  • Amalgamated Engineering Union Journal (1934-76)
  • Cardiff Trades and Labour Council Year Book (1922-25)
  • Civil and Public Services Union: Red Tape (1923-95)
  • Clerical and Administrative Workers’ Union: The Clerk (1947-73)
  • European trade union information bulletin (1985-98)
  • Free labour world: journal of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (1966-91)
  • National and Local Government Officers Association: Public Service (1952-93)
  • Postmen’s Federation (1908-14)
  • Post Office Engineering Union journal (1926-82)
  • Public service action: an anti-privatisation newsletter for the Labour movement (1990-91)
  • Society of Coachmakers’ report and journal (1892-1915)
  • Studies for trade unionists (1976-91)
  • Trade union information bulletin (1985-1998)
  • Trades Union Congress annual report (1902-03; 1909-13; 1916-18; 1922-31; 1933-36; 1944; 1947; 1949; 1951-89)
  • Transfer: journal of the European Trade Union Institute (1998-2014)
  • Union eyes: the official journal of Cardiff Trades Union Council (1986-98)
  • United Kingdom Postal Clerk’s Association: Postal Clerk’s Herald (1906-13)
  • United Patternmakers’ Association: Journal (1916-68)
  • Union of Post Office Workers / Communications Workers (1920-93)
  • Wales TUC annual report (1974-2002, 2006)