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“The support that I had from the university has been immense and monumental.”

31 January 2023

The front of Cardiff University's Glamorgan building

We caught up with Social and Public Policy (MSc) graduate Deeksha Sharma about her time with us at Cardiff University, what she enjoyed most about her course and the steps she took after finishing the programme.

Why did you choose to study our Social and Public Policy (MSc) programme?

There are several reasons I chose Social and Public Policy (MSc). The course seemed tailor-made for me. The modules not only included all the practical and method aspects of public policy, but also modules that made one think harder about concepts such as poverty, the place of women in society, and how interventions are designed and evaluated.

Further, it was what Cardiff as a city has to offer to its international students. Not only was Cardiff convenient as a city to access but I was surrounded by this sense of kindness and community everywhere I went.

How did the university facilitate your programme and time at Cardiff?

The support that I had from the university has been immense and definitely monumental.

The teachers were extremely kind and patient, the classes were always a discourse rather than a one-sided lecture. The resources we've had in terms of the library facilities and access to various research papers and databases were of great value.

The assignments were designed in a manner that went out to facilitate our preparation towards the thesis, and the mentoring I received while I was writing my thesis was definitely the highlight of my course, as it was during this period I was able to apply the skills I garnered during my master's with a lot of support and patience from my mentors.

What did you like about the programme and university?

The programme was insightful and opened my mind to various ways of evaluating and designing policies. It provided a holistic view upon the problems in policy around the world and how these have been studied.

Further, the Cardiff University experience was everything and more than what I had expected. It’s been the most inclusive community I’ve been a part of. The infrastructure of our classrooms, the libraries and the students’ union left me in awe every time I set my foot on these premises.

The libraries were very well equipped with quiet spots to work, the students’ union was always brimming with life and activities and there was no concern raised that went unattended. I found myself to be heard and cared for every time I was faced with a problem.

What you did you do next, and did the programme help you with it?

It was during the end of our course that the world was struck by the pandemic. However, I went on to intern with Dialogue and Development Commission Delhi, the policy think tank of the Delhi Government wherein I studied aspects of the Female Labour Force Participation Rate of Delhi and India at large.

I was able to share my learnings from my master's programme with the larger cohort that made me critically decipher issues that women in India are posed with at large and suggest interventions that were best suited for the context.

It was my time during my master's that planted the seed of inclusive development as my thesis was also based on sections of society that were largely affected and left out of policy discourse.

Further, I am also the State President of Karnataka, Procurement and Supply Council of WICCI (Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) whereby I have the privilege of working with many other women who are striving to support and improve the position of women in the economy.

I'm also a co-founder of a healthy food brand called Holy Froots. We’re on a quest to bridge the gap between holistic and modern eating.

Food insecurity and malnutrition is a great problem that India faces and through this brand we look forward to aiding and supplementing nutrition to the parts of the society that face extreme hunger and food poverty.

Diolch yn fawr Deeksha for taking the time to catch up with us.

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