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Systems and scalability

This group focuses on research in systems, performance and scalability. The group investigates how scale can be used as a key aspect for the design, implementation and validation of computer and information systems.

The group focuses on both theoretical foundations and application of systems and scalability – these include:

  • Systems and Performance Modelling: Petri nets, Markov Models and Process Algebra
  • Representation: Graph-based models of scalable systems
  • Implementation: Cloud/Edge systems, Internet of Things and high performance computing
  • Applications: Scientific Computing, Scalable sensing in smart cities, scalable machine learning
  • Testbeds: for evaluating systems research.


We aim to bring together theoretical foundations and practical aspects of systems and scale.


Research topics currently of interest to group members include:

  • Use of tools for representing scalable systems: Petri nets (Reference net) Modelling, Using Process Algebras and stochastic representations for modelling systems (Reinecke, Pereira, Theodorakopoulos)
  • Performance Analysis and Monitoring: Monitoring container frameworks (Kubernetes, Docker) and IoT environments (Pereira, Rana, Theodorakopoulos)
  • System of systems and scalable cyber-physical simulation (Saxena).


Current resarch projects include:


The group is actively involved in organising and contributing to a number of international events – including:

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