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Euro-Mediterranean Urban Voids Ecology (EMUVE)

Photograph of research posters on display

A Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship project funded by the European Commission, looking at the existing voids produced by current shrinking cities along the Euro‐Mediterranean coastline.

These cities, which were developed as the main touristic destinations of Europe in the last 50 years, have in many cases been transformed into empty landscapes. Frequently this transformation has been caused or exacerbated by ongoing economic crisis.

The project will gather several case studies of territorial abandonment produced by the current economic crisis along the Euro-Mediterranean coastline and look at comparative cases in the UK to investigate innovative methods of urban reactivation from flexible, resilient and collaborative perspectives. The overall goal is to find new recovery strategies for the post‐economic crisis landscapes along the Mediterranean coastline in order to offer alternatives of development for the local population, in close interaction with environment.

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Dr Federico Wulff

Dr Federico Wulff

Senior Lecturer of Architecture and Urban Design
MA AD Course Director

+44 (0)29 2087 0307