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Centre For Law And Religion

The Centre for Law and Religion was established in the summer of 1998 to promote research and its dissemination in this field.

Its activities are carried out in relation to the theory and practice of substantive law concerning religion, the focus being principally upon religious law and national and international law affecting religion, with regard to their historical, theological, social, ecumenical and comparative contexts.


The objectives of the Centre are:

  • the exchange and development of ideas, through conference, seminar and workshop programmes, between academics, practitioners and others
  • the encouragement and development of research output
  • the provision of research posts
  • the establishment of projects studying new developments in the field of church law in the UK, to bring together academics and practitioners to consider topical issues of importance, and to print reports resulting therefrom;
  • the development of links with home and overseas institutions, particularly universities in the USA and Europe
  • engagement in collaborative research with home and overseas institutions and scholars and to welcome and support visiting scholars
  • the dissemination of research output through assistance in the provision by the Law School of postgraduate degrees and other courses
  • the collection of an internationally recognised library on law and religion.

Centre members are engaged in research into all areas of law and religion.

Recent research includes Social Cohesion and Civil Law, a study of religious courts and tribunals across the UK, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)/The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Religion and Society Programme with an award of £79,862.

The Centre has been particularly fortunate to have received financial support from a great many bodies, including:

Lead researcher

Professor Norman Doe

Professor Norman Doe

Professor of Law

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