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Cardiff University Nanosome Network

Measuring Extracellular Vesicles, Liposomes and other nanoparticles and their interactions with cells and biological fluids.

This new University-funded research network aims to support greater interaction between researchers across disciplines in the challenging research area of nanometre sized colloidal agents and their measurement and manipulation in medicine.

By this we mean:

  • extracellular vesicles (exosomes and microvesicles)
  • liposomes
  • synthetic nanoparticles (such as polymer-gold conjugates, quantum dots, and many others).

There is enormous global interest in the application of such colloids in medicine, as a modality to deliver drugs/macromolecules in a better-targeted fashion. There is also major expansion in the use of natural, cell-derived vesicles as drug delivery systems or as disease biomarkers.

Studying nano-particulates and their application in disease model systems is very challenging. This is because these entities are so small, and because the way particles interact in biological systems is complex.

This topic area therefore requires the pooling of infrastructural resources, as well as varied scientific approaches and expertise, in order to bring about greater understanding and enhance Cardiff University and UK capabilities in this area.

Our mission is to build upon established knowledge in manufacture of nano-particulates, nano-measurement and nano-sorting devices, cell, tissue and whole body model systems, and to bring together this collective expertise across seven Schools through a series of networking events.

In addition to workshops, involving external internationally renowned  experts, and focussed sandpit discussions, the network will drive new, creative thinking through short lab-exchange visits. This will provide early career researchers with first hand experience of a range of nano-related methods and devices, with the aim of escalating our activities in this topic area.


The Nanosome network has a broad remit, with the overarching goal of increasing research activities and research publication outputs relating to nanoparticles. We aim to:

  • foster greater inter-School communication and collaboration relating to the manufacture, measurement and application of nanoparticles
  • identify basic technical, clinical and ethical challenges and unmet needs through our network
  • apply existing tools to the challenge of nanoscale measurement or nano-sorting, and examine their utility in  medically relevant applications (eg biomarkers)
  • develop new protocols or devices for improved reproducibility in nano-particle production, and systems to quality assure this
  • apply nanoparticles in varied formations to biological model systems, including single cell, tissue and whole body distribution studies.

Our goal is to be inclusive and expand the network, including by bringing in early career researchers, throughout the two-year funding period. We also aim to seek further funding in this area.

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To find out more about our work and how you can get involved, please contact our Network leaders:

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The network will organise a series of diverse events. Participants across all schools will interact as a community and as smaller groups to help us explore novel collaborative opportunities and to develop these new ideas towards research papers and funding bids.

Network events are currently being planned and will be advertised here. A theme-setting sandpit is intended for spring, and a large formal workshop gathering with external guests planned before the summer break.


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