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Cardiff Innovations

Cardiff Innovations gives our partners the support they need to make great ideas a reality.

Cardiff Innovations is home to people and facilities that help turn great ideas into growth across Wales and beyond. Housed within the sbarc I spark building at the heart of the University's £300m Innovation Campus, it is the focal point for the fostering and development of industry partnerships.

Comprising 17,500 sq.ft of dedicated space spread across 4 floors, Cardiff Innovations is equipped with lettable office space from 226sq.ft to 1163 sq.ft, formal and informal meeting areas, high-end conference facilities, 4240sq.ft of wet lab space and joint exhibition/presentation areas including conference space for up to 200 people.

Located at Maindy Park in the heart of Cardiff, the Centre features a range of new facilities that will allow innovation to flourish:

  • 17,500 sq.ft of lettable office space, with options from 226sq.ft to 1163 sq.ft
  • 4800 sq.ft of co-working space
  • Formal and informal meeting rooms featuring high-end conference facilities
  • Access to professional high-street advisors
  • Dedicated co-working space for student/ graduate entrepreneurs
  • Joint exhibition/presentation areas
  • 4240sq.ft of wet lab space (incl. individual and shared fume cupboards)
  • High-speed broadband
  • Hot-desking and co-working areas
  • Central reception
  • Conference/event space for up to 200 people
  • Access at competitive rates to University services and facilities

By its very nature, innovation involves risk and uncertainty. The Innovation Centre will mitigate both by promoting an inclusive and collaborative ethos of innovation.

Professor Kevin Morgan Professor of Governance and Development

Interested in relocating your business? Contact:

Rhys Pearce-Palmer

Rhys Pearce-Palmer

Innovation Operations Manager

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