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Nanomagnetism and Spintronics

Using the facilities available in the shared Physics & Engineering cleanroom at Cardiff, we fabricate a range of nano-magnetic and spintronic devices.

Our recently upgraded electron beam lithography (EBL) tool allows us to produce nanostructures with features as small as 20 nm.

Nanomagnetic devices which often involve the generation, propagation and detection of spin polarised carriers or quasi particles known as magnetic domain walls offer a variety of potential technological applications. Previous work of the group has been focused largely on applications to magnetic data storage devices, however similar devices could find utility as sensors, neural networks or as components in systems for quantum information processing.

Spintronics is the field of condensed matter physics that offers the opportunity to revolutionise and transform the ubiquitous nano-electronics industry. Making use of the spin (in addition to charge) degree of freedom promises great rewards in terms of new functionality however there are many great challenges to be overcome before practical devices can be realised. A number of measurements undertaken in Cardiff attempt to elucidate the process that limit the length scales over which charge carriers can be propagated through materials whilst preserving the spin information.


Using a combination of novel spintronic experiments and devices coupled with advanced functional materials such as nanocrystaline diamond and narrow bandgap semiconductors we aim to advance understanding in this important field.