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Requesting information

You can request information held by the University that is not published under the publication scheme.

Requests must be made in writing and should include your name and an address for correspondence. Please also supply sufficient information to allow us to locate the information you are requesting.

Please email requests to

Is the information already available?

Before submitting any request for information, we encourage you to check our publication scheme to ensure the information is not already publicly available to save time and resources.

If your request is for statistical data please consider contacting HESA and consulting their website which provides a wealth of data on staff and students, often down to institutional level. If information is available via HESA, regardless of whether there is a charge, we will refer you to their resources.

The University reserves the right to refuse repeated request.

Individuals wishing to have access to personal data held by the University under the Data Protection law can send a subject access request.

Our response

You can expect a response from us within 20 working days of the receipt of your request.

There are a number of types of information that the University holds which we are not required to release. These are referred to as exemptions and include:

  • personal data covered under the Data Protection Act
  • information that is to be published in the future
  • information that would prejudice commercial interests
  • security details and information that might endanger any person
  • information that would prejudice the conduct of public affairs
  • information that was originally provided in confidence and is still confidential in legal terms
  • information available in our publication scheme.

In some cases the University is required to consider the public interest in considering whether or not to apply an exemption. Where the University refuses to release information in response to a request we will state which exemption applies and normally provide an explanation.

A full list of exemptions is available at the Information Commissioner's Office.

Costs and charges

Charges may be made where the costs of reproducing the information in the format requested and any postage/courier fees required total £10 or more. Usually no charge will be made for staff time in responding to the request.

Under the Freedom of Information Act the University is not required to respond to requests where it would cost us more than £450 in staff time to locate and retrieve the information.

If we choose to respond to such a request, a fees notice would be issued to the enquirer setting out the estimated costs involved. The work would only proceed when the fee had been collected. If the fee was not collected within 60 working days the request will be deemed to be withdrawn.

Information charging policy

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the legislative provisions on charging, the internal allocation of responsibilities and duties and to provide a public framework as to the likely charges applicable.