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Careers and employability

Careers Psychology student

Undergraduate and postgraduate study in psychology provides you with a foundation for a wide range of careers.

A psychology degree is favoured by many potential employers because it reflects a university education that develops the skills of literacy and numeracy. 92% of our graduates are in employment or further study within six months of graduating (Unistats 2018) which shows the strength of our degree programmes.

We work closely with the University Careers Service to prepare our graduates for employment after graduation. We provide careers management sessions and a general careers talk for final year students each year. You will also have the opportunity to attend University approved courses provided by the Careers Service, and the Students' Union, which focus on transferable skills.

Psychology career pathways

A psychology degree can provide you with a variety of career options and Psychologists are employed on an increasingly wide scale in the educational, social and health services.

We have compiled a list of potential career pathways available as a Psychology graduate with some job roles available as a YouTube video to give you more of an insight into that specific field.

Job roles include: