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Instructions for using The Brain Box

Videos on this page explain how to run each of The Brain Box games.

Each instructional video has a 'Set-up' and 'Explanation' section. Pause the video after the 'Set-up' section before having a go at the game. You can then watch the 'Explanation' section to understand what the results mean.

This board game demonstrates the 'Stroop Effect', a phenomenon that illustrates how we automatically process language.

A game to demonstrate brain plasticity - how the brain adapts to its environment.

This game explores how we use statistics to help make sense of research findings.

Unable to get hold of any dice? Find out how you can 3D print your own dice here.

What happens when two senses send conflicting information to the brain?


Video showing an VR MRI scan.

Experience what it’s like to have an MRI scan at the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC).

Watch the VR MRI scan on YouTube (you'll need to use the YouTube app to make the VR experience work).