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The Brain Box

The Brain Box is an interactive toolkit for A-Level psychology and biology teachers.

Designed by the Schools of Psychology and Pharmacy, The Brain Box takes activities from our hugely successful Brain Games and re-imagines them as a toolkit for A-Level psychology and biology teachers.

The Brain Games was started in 2013 as a neuroscience outreach programme that has proven hugely successful in terms of increasing brain science awareness amongst key stage 2 students through assemblies, workshops and an annual event. As well as redesigning existing games from the Brain Games, we have also developed new games to make them suitable for an older audience.

Alongside the games, the box includes a series of videos that explain how to set up the games and what the results mean.

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Instructions for using The Brain Box

Each game in the Brain Box has a video explaining how to set it up and what the results mean.

Additional resources

As an additional resource, we have a YouTube Playlist that covers a number of topics including colour perception, brain function, social media use and mental health. Feel free to use these in your lessons.


In order to track how these kits are used, we ask all teachers to complete a one minute feedback survey after each use of the Brain Box kit.

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This project was funded by a Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Award.