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Paul Hegarty

Paul Hegarty

Currently I am working as a Project Manager for Telecom New Zealand in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) space.

I manage the design, build and implementation of IT systems for internal business infrastructure and customer facing IT Solutions. This is a role I would not have been suitably qualified for, as most companies require Prince II qualified Project Managers, had I not completed my degree at Cardiff University.

Understanding systems and solving problems

This is a challenging role and my degree prepared me to carry out such complex work. ICT Project management requires being able to look at a solution from a high level view and often at a very detailed level. The Computer Programming and electronics modules during my degree allowed me to gain an understanding of systems and their interactions.

Alongside this, the problem solving skills learnt during the degree were priceless: it is crucial to be able to approach an issue logically, when it arises, and resolve it successfully.

Applied mathematics and people skills

ICT Project managers also have to manage finances for the projects and report to the business regularly. Whilst accounting was not part of my degree the firm and advanced understanding in mathematics alongside some post graduate learning allowed me also to handle this facet of the role.

The people skills and team activities at university were really valuable for life and this role, and I have been able to move from managing one or two staff to a team of up to 50, consisting of Solution Architects, designers, third party companies, testing teams and business representatives.