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Our partners

We work with our partners to reduce poverty, promote health and produce a sustainable environment.

University of Namibia (UNAM)

Namibia is a stable democracy, but it's as a developing country with one of the highest Gini indices in the world. Gini index is a measure of wealth inequality, so Namibia has extreme poverty and health challenges, especially in the rural areas of this huge desert country.

UNAM was chosen as Cardiff University's partner after a wide ranging country analysis. UNAM has a range of Schools and Professional Services mirroring our own in Cardiff University.

UNAM are an professional, energetic partner, willing and happy to invest in joint partnerships, leading to sustainable outputs from our relationship.

University of Zambia (UNZA)

Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its challenges are extreme. If you can, it's good to help people living in difficult circumstances. However, the benefits in the project have always been mutual. Wales benefits too through shared learning.

Professor Judith Hall has a long standing partnership in Zambia through the charity Mothers of Africa. When the opportunity came up for the Phoenix Project to involve new countries in impact-driven research and education, they were the obvious first choice in sub-Saharan Africa. We looked to Zambia and UNZA and found a partner able to match our passion and energy for innovative change.

Phoenix is now well into a 2-year Erasmus+ funding cycle with with both UNZA and UNAM: these are successful partnerships.

Our reach

As trust and confidence in our partnerships grow, Phoenix Project partners are working further afield. We are in negotiation with University of Zimbabwe, with partners in Congo and Malawi and with South Africa. There may even be future work with Somaliland.

If a partner adds value and impact to a joint vision we are very ready to talk. The future is about meaningful networks.