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Ways to help

Mum and newborn Rundu

We listen to the needs of our collaborator and try to fulfil a request for help, in line with our stated mission to reduce poverty, promote health and produce a sustainable environment.

Our partnership enables staff and students in Cardiff University and University of Namibia to work together for these higher goals.


To achieve our goals, we work with additional professional partners. If an opportunity comes up and someone has the right skill-set, they may be approached to help the Phoenix Project. Everyone involved must be interested, flexible, sensitive, energetic, and a good listener and collaborator.

Our most effective partners are often fellow professionals with passions similar to our own. For example, we work with:

  • the NHS in Wales and the Ministry of Health in Namibia
  • police and ambulance services in Wales and Namibia
  • schools in empowerment projects
  • Universities in the UK and Africa who supplement and add value to our work. Cardiff School of Art and Design in Cardiff Metropolitan University is particularly important to us. In addition, we are now developing relevant new research with the University of Zambia
  • the Welsh Government and Wales for Africa in International Learning Opportunities (Namibia is a eligible country for the scheme).

International Learning Opportunities (ILO)

The Welsh Government ILO scheme is an exciting way to challenge yourself and make a contribution.

The programme offers an immersive experience that involves working with African organisations, leading on specific projects. By taking you out of your comfort zone, it tasks you to work more creatively, increases self-awareness and gives insight into your own personal resilience.

The skills and understanding that the programme provides can be invaluable, not only to you but to your organisation and to Wales. The programme is part of continued professional development, so your organisation must pay your salary.

Wales for Africa cover costs but not salary.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about these opportunities to work with us, please get in touch.

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