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Dr Sang Soon Oh

Dr Sang Soon Oh

Sêr Cymru Rising Star Fellow
Advanced Materials and Devices - Sêr Cymru Research Group
Condensed Matter and Photonics Group

School of Physics and Astronomy

+44 (0)29 2251 0184
N/3.15, Queen's Buildings - North Building, 5 The Parade, Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AA
Available for postgraduate supervision


I am Sêr Cymru II Rising Star Fellow in the School of Physics and Astronomy in Cardiff University since November 2017. While I was a phd student at KAIST and a postdoc at Imperial College London, I gained extensive experience on new photonic structures such as photonic crystals, plasmonic structures and metamaterials. My expertise is in the theory and simulations of photonic topological insulators, photonic crystals, semiconductor chaotic lasers, light-matter interaction in plasmonic systems and graphene chiral metamaterials. In Cardiff, I have been working on both theory and experiments on semiconductor lasers based on photonic topological insulator.

Currently, I lead a research group (2 PDRA, 3 PhD students) on topological photonics with a focus on the theoretical study on topological phases in photonics. I hosted 3 visitors from Germany and China: 2 visiting PhD students (1 from TU Munich for 3 months and 1 from Münster University for 4 months in 2019) and 1 visiting scholar from Jilin Jianzhu University for 1 year from August 2019.


Sang Soon Oh received a PhD degree in Physics from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in South Korea (2007). During his PhD course, he visited University of St. Andrews in Scotland (2004-2005). After a post-doctoral fellowship at Electronics Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in South Korea (2007-2010), he joined the Department of Physics at University of Surrey, UK as a postdoc (2010) and moved to the Condensed Matter Theory (CMTH) Group in the Department of Physics and Optical Semiconductor Device (OSD) Group in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at Imperial College London. In 2017, he joined the Institute for Compound Semiconductors at Cardiff University as a Rising Star Fellow.





















  • PX3315: Physics Project for Year 3 undergraduate students on "Nanowire Quantum Emitters" 

My research background is theoretical electromangetism in composite materials such as analytical and numerical modelling of chiral metamaterials, active metamaterials and graphene metamaterials. Current interest includes photonics topological insulators and chaotic semiconductor lasers. With the Rising Star felloswship funded by the Welsh goverement, I am focusing on delveloping a photonic topological insulator laser using III-V semiconductor nanowires.

  • Ser Cymu Rising Star fellowship, "Photonic Topological Insulator Semiconductor Laser and One-Way Photonics"  (The Welsh goverment and the ERDF, £980K, approx. 5 years from December 2017 to October 2022)

Currently I am leading a team of 2 postdocs (Dr Yongkang Gong, Dr Haedong Park) and 3 PhD students (Stephan Wong, Zeeshan Ahmad, Ghada Alharbi). Potential candidates for PhD studentships (EPSRC, other governement funding or self-funding etc.) and fellowships (Leverhulme fellowship, etc.) will be welcome to contact me.


I am interested in supervising PhD students in the areas of

  • Topological physics (photonics, plasmonics)
  • Theoretical electromagnetism (analytical and numerical modelling)
  • Nonlinear and dynamic effects in semiconductor lasers (chaos, nonuniform gain effect)
  • Modelling optical property of 2D materials

Currently I am supervising 3 research students as a main supervisor (see below) and 3 research students (Annie Matthew, Shaikhah Almousa, Cristian Messina) as a co-supervisor. Former visiting PhD students: Jochen Bissinger from Technical University of Munich and Jan Olthaus from Münster University.

Current supervision

Stephan Wong

Stephan Wong

Research student

Zeeshan Ahmad

Zeeshan Ahmad

Research student

Ghada Alharbi

Research student

Mathew, Annie

Annie Mathew

Research student

Cristian Messina

Research student