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Professor HaiJiang Li

Professor HaiJiang Li

Professor - Chair in BIM for Smart Engineering

School of Engineering

+44 (0)29 2087 5133
S2.10C, Queen's Buildings - South Building, 5 The Parade, Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AA
Available for postgraduate supervision



There are 2 - 4 research associate / assistant roles and several fully funded PhD scholarships available (from industry / China Scholarship Council) for applications in the area of BIM supported Smart Engineering, including BIM compliance checking, open BIM information processing platform development, BIM stanards development and inudstry certification; and machine learning, Big data analytics, and large scale HPC/Cloud computing supported engineering modelling, simulation, and optimzation for buildings, infrastructure, cities and sustainable built environment. If you are interested, email to Prof. Haijiang Li (

SUMMARY  (Chinese Version)

For more than 20 years, Prof. Li has been working towards a new generation smart engineering computing platform, underpinned by High Performance Computing (HPC & Cloud Computing), inter-linked domain knowledge (Ontology Modelling), Artificial Intelligence algorithms and BIM (Building Information Modelling) based standardization across sectors throughout project life cycle, to support large scale engineering data / information / knowledge processing, smart engineering optimization and holistic decision making to help to achieve sustainable and resilient built environment.

Prof. Li's research mainly covers three areas 

(1) Fundamental life cycle BIM data, information and knowledge processing 
(2) Large scale smart engineering computing, data analytics and optimization
(3) Knowledge based and artificial intelligence supported holistic decision making

Funding and Team: Prof. Li has secured significant research funds from UK, EU and China, as a Principle / Co-Investigator, the total project value is about £32M (£7M as PI, funding sources include EPSRC, NERC, EU FP7/H2020, and National Natural Science Foundation of China - NSFC, China National 973 project, China National Grand Plan 2016 Green Construction - total value: ¥105M). He has published more than 130 publications (journal / conference papers, books/chapters etc.), leading a BIM team consisting of 40+ RAs / PhDs in total since 2006, and a top-class BIM & VR (Virtual Reality) laboratory. Prof. Li has recently secured more than £1.1M industry investment (2018-2023, agreement in principle signed) from China Communications Construction Company (CCCC, ranked No. 91 in Fortune 500 in 2017) to support industry-oriented BIM and Smart Engineering related research projects. Prof. Li is also the UK Director for the Smart Engineering R&D Innovation Centre set up in Dalian University of Technology (China) jointly with Cardiff University.

International Impact - Prof. Li is the Associate Editor for the Journal of Automation in Construction (Elsevier Publishing, impact factor: 4.032); the Editor for the Journal of Construction Innovation (ESCI, EI index). He serves as editorial board members for other three international journals; reviewers for EPSRC, NSERC (Canada) and 40+ international journals and conferences (as scientific committees / chairs); delivered 50+ invited / keynote speeches in UK, EU, China and USA. He is a Fellow of British Computer Society, member of EPSRC Associate Peer Review College; visiting Professor for several universities in China; actively engaged with most of the major international communities on BIM and ICT in AEC domain, e.g. EG-ICE, ICCCBE, CIBW78, ECPPM and ASCE. He has been leading/participating UK, EU FP7 / H2020 and China research projects intensively and created a significant international base for academic and industry collaboration; he is the Secretary Committee for EG-ICE: European Group of Intelligent Computing in Engineering, which is a highly established and regarded international academic association in BIM and intelligent computing area.

International BIM standards & policy - Prof. Li has been working with open BIM buildingSMART since 2010, serving first as a committee member of BuildingSMART UK technical group, together with BRE (Building Research Establishment), advising the UK government on their BIM policy making and industry implementation agenda; and now as a Standards Committee Technical Executive (SCTE) – buildingSMART international, overseeing international open BIM standards developments and personally leading IFC Ports & Waterways standards development project (, accessed on 23rd January 2019). In China, Prof. Li serves as a Chief guest BIM scientist for China State Construction Engineering Group (CSCEG, ranked No.23 in Fortune 500 in 2017) & China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), playing an influential role there helping China to transform their construction industry (, accessed on 23rd January 2019). A NEW BIM POLICY BOOK HAS JUST BEEN PUBLISHED IN 2019 - "CHINA, USA & UK BIM STANDARDS AND POLICY" (China Construction Industry Publisher, sponsored by China national 13th 5-Year Plan) to comprehensively introduce and compare the BIM standards and policies in China, USA and UK.


Prof. HaiJiang Li (BSc, MSc, PhD, FHEA, FBCS)
Chair Professor in BIM for Smart Engineering 
MSc BIM Programme director: BIM for Smart EngineeringSecretary Committee of EG-ICE (European Group of Intelligent Computing in Engineering)Editor for the Journal of Construction Innovation, Emerald Publishing (ESCI, EI Index)Associate Editor for Automation in Construction (Impact Factor: 4.032)Standards Committee Technical Executive (SCTE) – buildingSMART internationalChief Guest BIM Scientist for China Communications Construction Company (CCCC)
Chief Guest BIM Scientist for China State Construction Engineering Group (CSCEG)

Chinese version...

Last updated in January 2019.

Trained as a Civil Engineer (BSc, Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering, 1996, ShanDong University), then MSc in CAD & CAE in Civil Engineering (1999, Dalian University of Technology) and PhD in High Performance Computing (HPC) in Engineering Design and Analysis (Computational Mechanics 2003, Dalian University of Technology), Prof. Haijiang Li started his academic career in China in 2003 and became an Associate Professor (certified by China Ministry of Transportation) in 2004.

Dr. Li joined Cardiff University directly from China as a Lecturer in 2006, starting a new academic career from scratch in the United Kingdom; in 2018, Dr. Li became a Chair Professor in BIM for Smart Engineering.

Professional memberships

  • Fellow of BCS - British Computer Society
  • Fellow of HEA - UK Higher Education Academy
  • Member of EPSRC Associate Peer Review College
  • Member of IAENG - International Association of Engineers

Speaking engagements

  • “Understanding BIM Comprehensively - Practices and Research Vision” - Dalian University of Technology - China State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis for Industrial Equipment, 2017, The Faculty of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics (keynote)*
  • China Communications Construction Company Ltd. BIM event, Feb, 2017, ‘Global BIM research’ (keynote)
  • Creative Construction Conference Primosten, Croatia, June, 2017, ‘innovative computing’ (keynote)
  • International Transportation Conventions, ‘Computing innovations for smart decision making’, June, 2017, Beijing (keynote)
  • "Future BIM", 2016 International BIM Forum, Cardiff, 2016  (keynote)*
  • Cardiff University BIM research and industry practices” – 2016 BIM development forum for China Communications Construction Group (keynote)*
  • UK BIM policy making and standardization” – 2016 BIM development forum for China State Construction Group, Beijing (keynote)*
  • BIM and its application for Resilient Community” - China State Key Laboratory of Geo-hazard Prevention and Geo-environment Protection, 2016, Chengdu University of Technology (SKLGP), Chengdu (keynote)*
  • BIM research and development in EU” - The 2016 BIM Forum for Frontiers for Engineering Management - Huazhong University of Science and Technology (keynote)*

2016 China travel –

  • The fourth harbour design institute of China Communications Construction, Guangzhou
  • Dalian Developing Zone Government Agency
  • Dalian new airport development zone Government Agency
  • Dalian University of Technology
  • Sanchuan Construction Group, Dalian
  • Guangzhou the Fourth Harbour construction bureau
  • Shanghai - Fudan University
  • Shanghai Software Centre (Shanghai Academy of Science)
  • Shanghai LubanSoft Ltd.
  • “Current and future BIM research”, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, digital lab, April, 2015.
  • The 10th Conference on Urban Development and Planning in China, Guangzhou July 22-23, 2015 (keynote)*
  • 2015 International Symposium of Climate Change and Adapted Sustainable Planning and Development, October, 2015, Cardiff UK (keynote)*
  • “BIM technical issues for water transportation infrastructure”, 2015 BIM development forum for CCC, water transportation planning and design institute (keynote) *
  • “BIM and smart harbour management”, 2015 Tianjin harbour Government Agency & China Communications Construction Group, Beijing
  • “BIM and its application in water transportation infrastructure”, 2015 BIM development forum for Tianjin - the first harbour design consultancy (keynote) *
  • “HPC supported large scale computing for Energy saving”, EU workshop for smart building energy management, Cardiff, July 2014
  • “See as you operate - Real time Sport Facility energy management”, international workshop - sport facilities: a challenge for energy efficiency, 2013, Bilbao, Spain
  • “Large Scale Engineering Computing Supported Fine Granularity Full Scale Building/District/Urban Planning”, International workshop on future city planning and design, March, 2014, Cardiff (keynote)*
  • “HPC supported large scale computing for Energy saving”, EU workshop for smart building energy management, Cardiff, July 2014

2010 China Travel -

  • Tsinghua University
  • Chinese Academy of Science
  • China academy of building design
  • Beijing Shijia real estate evaluation ltd
  • Building Design consultancy, the Ministry of Steel industry
  • Dalian University of Technology
  • Dalian Maritime University
  • Xi’an Jiaotong University
  • the institute of ancient Chinese building conservation
  • Xi’an construction commission
  • Shandong University
  • Shandong Provincial Academy of Building Research
  • Shandong Provincial Academy of Hydraulic Research
  • China State Construction Group
  • Parallelization for Large Scale Scientific Computing, China National Program on Key Basic Research (973 Program), Dalian, 2003

Committees and reviewing

  • Secretary and Committee Member of EG-ICE: the European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering
  • Standards Committee Technical Executive - BuildingSMART international
  • External PhD Examiner for University Twente, The Netherlands
  • EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK) Peer Reviewer
  • NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Canada), Peer Reviewer
  • Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Construction Innovation
  • Associate Editor for the Jounral of Automation in Construction
  • Editorial Board Member for the journal of Visualization in Engineering (EI)
  • Editorial Board Member for the journal of Knowledge and Systems Science (SCI)
  • Editorial Board Member for the journal of Automation in Construction (SCI)
  • Guest Editor (special issue) of Advanced Engineering Informatics - Going beyond BIM, 2015
  • Guest Editor (special issue) of The Scientific World Journal, Recent Advances on BIM, 2014
  • Guest Editor Journal of Information Technology in Construction - BIM Cloud-Based Technology in AEC area, 2014
  • Guest Editor (special issue) of Advanced Engineering Informatics - Cloud Computing, 2012
  • Guest Editor (special issue) of Natural Language Processing and Information Systems, LNCS, 2010

Journal Reviewer  

  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (5-Year IF: 7.445);
  • Computer Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (IF: 5.625);
  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (IF: 4.708)
  • Journal of Cleaner Production  (5-Year IF: 4.167);
  • Energy and Buildings (5-Year IF: 3.617);
  • Building and Environment (IF: 3.598);
  • Automation in Construction (5-Year IF: 2.414);
  • Computers & Industrial Engineering (5-Year IF:2.412);
  • Advanced Engineering Informatics (5-Year IF: 2.1);
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (5-Year IF: 2.037);
  • Computer in Industry (5-Year IF: 1.95);
  • Habitat International (5-Year IF: 1.95);
  • IEEE Access, The Multidisciplinary Open Access Journal (IF: 1.27)
  • Computers & Electrical Engineering  (5-Year IF: 1.1)
  • Energy Efficiency (IF: 1.06);
  • Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing (IF: 0.553);
  • Semantic Web Journal (to be included in SCI)
  • Journal of Information Technology in Construction;
  • The Scientific World Journal;
  • Visualization in Engineering;
  • The International Journal of Knowledge and Systems Science;
  • International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment
  • Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal

Reviewer and Scientific Committee for international conferences

  • Scientific Committee member of the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Smart Manufacturing |  April 9-11, 2019 | Manchester, UK
  • 2019 CIB W78 CIB Information Technology for Construction Conference, UK, Northumbria University NEWCASTLE,
  • 2019 EG-ICE workshop in KU Leuven, 2019, Leuven, Belgium
  • 34th International symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, June 28 – July 1, 2017, TAIPEI, Taiwan, ISARC 2017
  • CIB W78 Conference 2016, Conference on Information Technology in Construction, Brisbane, Australia
  • Workshop of European Group of Intelligent Computing in Engineering, 2016, Poland
  • Workshop of European Group of Intelligent Computing in Engineering, 2015, the Netherlands
  • CIB W78 2015, Conference on Information Technology in Construction, Brisbane, the Netherlands
  • ICCCBE 2014, the International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, 2014, Florida, USA
  • CIB W078 2014 (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction), 2014, Florida, USA
  • ConVR 2014, the 14th International Conference on Applications of Virtual Reality in Construction, UAE
  • Workshop of European Group of Intelligent Computing in Engineering, 2014,Cardiff
  • IWCCE 2013 - ASCE International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering, USA
  • Workshop of European Group of Intelligent Computing in Engineering, 2013, Vienna, Austria
  • Workshop of European Group of Intelligent Computing in Engineering, 2012, Germany
  • Workshop of European Group of Intelligent Computing in Engineering, 2011, Twente University, The Netherlands
  • Organizing Committee: NLDB2010 - 15th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information system, Cardiff UK, 2010;
  • IDETC/CIE 2009: Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering, USA 2009;
  • Session chair for IEEE - International Conference on Industrial Informatics, Cardiff, 2009

Conference Chairs -

  • The 2016 International advanced BIM symposium, June, 2016, Cardiff, UK
  • The 21st Workshop of EG-ICE: European Group of Intelligent Computing in  Engineering, 2014, Cardiff, UK
  • EU workshop for smart building energy management (SportE2), Cardiff, July 2014

















Welcome to my BIM Hub for Training & Education (internal only at the moment...)

Cardiff is providing a fantastic MSc Programme for BIM for Smart Engineering, if you are excited about BIM, DO NOT miss the opportunity, come to join us.


Prof. Haijiang Li has been playing the leading role for promoting BIM teaching & training in Cardiff since 2006.

MSc Programme Director for BIM for Smart Engineering
Module Leader for two BIM core modules:

Other modules involved:

BIM has been enabling a revolutionary way of working for the worldwide construction industry since it was first coined in 2003 in USA. It now triggers a worldwide tipping point to completely transform the oldest while still with the lowest productivity construction industry. At present, there are urgent demands for BIM graduates at all levels from UK & worldwide AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry. Students are becoming more and more interested in BIM and increasingly asking for more BIM related teaching modules.

Prof. Li created the new BIM teaching thread in Engineering School starting from 2006. Beginning from EN2208 - Computing in AEC and EN4102 - Integrated Building Design, gradually BIM contents were expanded into 7 main modules in Engineering School. Strategic links have been built with Arup, Atkins, Mott Macdonald, BRE and other industry partners to bring BIM industry practices into Cardiff BIM teaching and training.

In 2012, Prof. Li won the award of Engineering School Strategic Fund for teaching and built up a first-class BIM and VR (Virtual Reality) computing research laboratory, which has been fully utilized to support school wide BIM teaching and research. The BIM teaching has also been opened to the students from School of City Planning and Architecture School, and the BIM module (ENT768 & EN4308) has become one of the most popular modules and the student number has increased significantly  from 30 to 120 in 2019. Many students commented the module as one of the best modules they got in Cardiff and UK; “I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Dr HaiJiang Li for making this module the most interesting of my studies throughout my time at the university.” (Mr. Komodromos Sotiris).

Since 2006 till now (2019), more than 40 Year-3 project students and 30+ MSc students working on BIM topics (supervised by Prof. Li), and several hundreds to thousands of BEng / MEng / MSc students have acquired BIM knowledge and graduated from Cardiff. In 2015, Prof. Li was awarded with an EU Erasmus project (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, BIM4VET as PI). The project enables Cardiff to lead Pan-European BIM curriculum development and quality control activities, which are extremely strategic. In 2016, Prof. Li secured the second phase of ENGIN Strategic Funding to further upgrade the BIM and VR lab, new exciting equipment have been purchased and currently function well for teaching and research tasks.

In 2018, the new MSc programme - BIM for Smart Engineering has opened to welcome MSc students all over the world who are interested in BIM, and the programme has put Cardiff into the front tier for BIM training and education in UK and worldwide.


Current decision-making approach used in AEC/O (Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Operation) is historically divided by ‘domains’, e.g. (city) planner, policy maker, architect, engineers, construction manager, asset / facility manager etc.; and by ‘stages’, e.g. plan, design, construction and operation, it hence inherently lacks ‘holistic and life cycle approach’ to enable comprehensive and systematic decisions.

Prof. Haijiang Li has been working on smart engineering computing supported applications in the areas of buildings, infrastructure and cities, e.g. civil and hydraulic engineering – water and environment issues; structural engineering, onsite construction and project management; infrastructure – road, bridge, maritime and dam – structural design & analysis; building services and facility (asset) management – smart energy in buildings, district and cities; water distribution and urban water management, sustainability, resilience and disaster management for cities and the built environment. These experiences enable him to develop an inter-disciplinary oriented research towards a new generation smart engineering computing platform, underpinned by High Performance Computing (HPC & Cloud Computing), inter-linked domain knowledge (Ontology Modelling), Artificial Intelligence algorithms and BIM (Building Information Modelling) based standardization across sectors throughout project life cycle, to support large scale engineering data / information / knowledge processing, smart engineering optimization and holistic decision making to help to achieve sustainable and resilient built environment


Project title





MetaBIM: Smart BIM Meta-Standards and Quality Assurance Research and Development  
Funding: CCCC





IFC-Harbour: Open BIM IFC standard and supporting platform for water transportation infrastructure - stage 2 
Funding: CCCC




total value ¥12M

IFC-Harbour: Open BIM IFC standard and supporting platform for water transportation infrastructure - stage 1  
Funding: CCCC





total value ¥3M

IFC-Harbour: Open BIM IFC standard and supporting platform for water transportation infrastructure - preliminary research
Funding: CCCC





total value ¥1M

BIMEET: BIM-based EU - wide Standardized Qualification Framework for achieving Energy Efficiency Training 
Funding: EC H2020





total value €998,417

BIM4QA: BIM governance framework supporting multi-facet project and organization quality assurance 
Funding: KESS2 & Enterprise Ltd.






Green Construction – China National 13th Five-Year Plan
Funding: Ministry of Science and Technology, China


2016- 2020


Total value:¥105M

Future BIM: Enhancing the key understanding future BIM and its roadmap development
Funding: Royal Academy Engineering






REACH: Resilience to earthquake induced landslide risk in china Funding: NERC& NSFC - National Science Foundation of China




total value £1M

BIM4VET: Standardised Vocational BIM Training in Europe
Funding: EC - ERASMUS+





total value €273K

BIM4EA: Facilitating the release of geographical and built asset data Funding: UK Environmental Agency




£ 100K

GovernBIM: BIM execution governance across lifecycle and supply chains
Funding: EPSRC & Dawnus, Ferrovial Agroman JV





OptiCloudBIM - Research on key technologies of Cloud, BIM and energy big data processing framework for Shanghai City, China
Funding: Education Committee in Shanghai City China




total value ¥1M


WISDOM: Water analytics and intelligent sensing for demand optimised management Funding: EC FP7





total value €4.4M


BIM4Highway: Developing a BIM based Real Time Decision Making System for Highways Asset Management
Funding: EPSRC & AEC3




£ 56K


OntoCrowd - Knowledge mining based on massive simulation
Funding: EPSRC & ENGIN






BIM4H&E: Using BIM to enhance construction safety
Funding: China Scholarship Council


01/10/2014 -30/09/2017


£ 83K


PERFORMER: Portable, exhaustive, reliable, flexible and optimized approach to monitoring and evaluation of building performance Funding: EC FP7


02/09/2013 - 1/09/2017


Total value € 8.2 M


CloudBIM: To develop an innovative private cloud system to support multi-business collaboration, utilizing governance and versioning, for the construction industry using building information modelling Funding: KTP and Wakemans Ltd


01/02/2013 -31/01/2015


505059 KTP008883

Total value £ 174K


Wanda: Developing a real time abstraction & Discharge permitting process for catchment regulation and optimised water management Funding: Innovate UK


01/08/2013 -31/07/2016



Total value £1.2M


Infrastructure-BIM: A Contractor’s perspective of Infrastructure Information Modelling  Funding: EPSRC & Alun Griffiths Contractors, Ltd.


01/07/2013 -31/12/2016




RESILIENT: Coupling Renewable, Storage and ICT'S, for low carbon intelligent energy management at district level  Funding: EC FP7


01/09/2012 - 1/08/2016



total value €8.1M


SPORTE2: Intelligent Management System to integrate and control energy generation, consumption and exchange for European Sport Recreation Buildings Funding: EC FP7


06/07/2012 - 8/02/2014

Ref: 260124

total value €4.7M


RegBIM: BIM- based Regulatory Compliance Design Environment, Funding: Innovate UK


01/02/2012 - 1/01/2014


£127,278 Total value £1.1M


KNOWHOIEM: Knowledge based energy management for public buildings through holistic information modelling and 3D visualisation, Funding: EC FP7


01/09/2011 - 1/08/2014

Ref: 285229

Total value: €4.5M


SCriPT: Sustainable Construction Service Platform
Funding: Welsh Assembly Government (A4B)


01/01/2010 - 0/06/2013




Digital building - From conceptual design through to life-long management
Funding: EPSRC CASE & ActivePlan Solutions Ltd.


01/07/2006 -01/10/2009




Pre-Cardiff University (Projects in China)

Grid Computing for Collaborative FM
Funding: China Scholarship Council


10/08/2005 -10/08/2006





Large Scale Scientific Computing
Funding: China National Science Foundation, 973 plan


1999 - 2004




Gravity Wharf Structural Design and Optimization
Funding: China Ministry of Transportation


1999 - 2001



Application link - click to submit your PhD application...

Current PhDs (14) 

  1. Infrastructure-BIM: A Contractor’s perspective of Infrastructure Information Modelling, BRADLEY Alex Writing up
  2. BIM4H&E: Using BIM to enhance construction safety GAO Shang Current, 03/01/2015 - 31/12/2018
  3. Governance and assessment framework for BIM based highway asset management, LAMB Simon Current, 03/01/2015 - 31/12/2018
  4. Zero carbon housing in Iraq SHALLAL Balsam Alwan Current, 01/10/2015 - 30/09/2019
  5. Govern-BIM: BIM execution governance across lifecycle and supply chains, GOONETILLAKE Jaliya Current, 01/10/2015 - 30/09/2019
  6. BIM based Collective Decision Support for Value for money evaluation in PPP, REN Guoqian Current, 01/10/2015 - 30/09/2019
  7. Resilient and sustainable urban infrastructures CERE Giulia Current, 01/10/2016 - 30/09/2020
  8. Large scale real time data processing and knowledge mining for life cycle design, construction and operation, ARTHUR Steven Current, 01/10/2016 - 30/09/2020
  9. BIMDataNet – Data governance network for life cycle BIM execution, Mohamed Binesmael Current, 01/07/2017 - 31/12/2020
  10. BIMBox - Governance Framework Supporting Multi-facet Project and Organization Quality Assurance RAWDIN Alan Current, 01/10/2017 - 30/09/2021
  11. Knowledge mining through deep learning in support of conceptual structural design, BIE Sisi Current, 01/10/2017 - 30/09/2021
  12. BIM Supported Smart Manufacturing for Construction Digitalization, SU Tengxiang Current, 01/10/2017- 30/09/2021
  13. Life cycle BIM data security ALSHAMMARI Kaznah Current, 03/01/2018 - 31/12/2021
  14. Holistic design based on knowledge processing and surrogate modelling, KHUDHAIR Ali Current, 03/01/2018 - 31/12/2021

Past projects

Graduated PhDs (16) & MSc- (27)

  1. Digital building - From conceptual design through to life-long management DIBLEY Michael, Awarded, 2007-2011
  2. A Comparative Study of Operating Theatre Management Systems, AL OJAIMI Abdulkarim, Awarded, 2009-2012
  3. Managing Innovation in Public Research and Development Organisations Using A Combined Delphi And Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach MEESAPAWONG Pawadee, Awarded, 2009-2013
  4. A Consensus-based Framework for The Sustainable Urban Planning Development of The City of Riyadh ALI Alqahtany, Awarded, 2011-2015
  5. End User Oriented BIM Enabled Multi-Functional Virtual Environment Supporting Building Emergency Planning and Evacuation WANG Bin, Awarded, 2011-2015 (BIM Leader in Mott Macdonald Cardiff) 
  6. BIM-Based Smart Compliance Checking to Enhance Environmental Sustainability KASIM Tala, Awarded, 2011-2014 (Lecturer in Aston University, UK)
  7. A Strategic Decision-Making Framework for Organisational BIM Implementation CHEN keyu, Awarded, 2011-2015
  8. BIM based holistic approach for multi-objective integrated design using ontology HOU Shangjie, Awarded, 2011-2015 (BIM team leader in Vanke, China)
  9. A Proposed Framework for Resilience to Biological Disasters; The Case of Mers-COV Threat in Transient Mass Gathering Event ALSHEHRI Saud Awarded, 2012-2016
  10. BIM based combined optimization and reasoning for smart building and district energy management JAYAN Bejay Awarded, 2012-2016
  11. The Development of Urban Sustainability Assessment Framework for Iraqi cities AMEEN Raed, awarded, 2013-17
  12. Ontological representations for integrated smart cities modelling & data analytics HOWELL Shaun awarded, 2013-17
  13. HPC / Cloud computing based engineering optimization YANG Chunfeng (visiting PhD from Dalian University of Technology)
  14. Dynamic Cloud computing platform development for engineering optimization LI Zhaojun (visiting PhD from Dalian University of Technology)
  15. BIM supported Sustainable Structure Design, ZHANG Jisong (CSC PhD from Dalian Maritime University), 2014-2018 (Lecturer in Dalian Jiaotong University, China) 
  16. Knowledge mining for holistic design decision making by leveraging information models for crowd behaviour analysis, BOJE Calin Awarded, 2014-2018 (BIM researcher in LIST - Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology)

Graduated MSc

  1. Wireless Pocket PC applications for onsite construction ABDUL MATEEN KHAN SAFDAR Awarded 2007 MSc
  2. A Web-based EnergyPlus Application, LIU Zhi Awarded 2009 MSc
  3. Building Information Modelling and Building Energy Analysis,NA Qing Awarded 2009 MSc
  4. Building Information Modelling (BIM) based Structural Conceptual Design of a Bridge, Atul Ravi Dongargaonkar Awarded 2010 MSc
  5. 3D Collaborative Conceptual Design, DONG Haichuan Awarded 2010 MSc
  6. Building information modelling based energy simulation, SUNIL KUMAR MANNI Awarded 2010 MSc
  7. Building Information Modelling Based On Energy Analysis, ZHAO Bo Awarded 2010 MSc
  8. Building Information Modelling for Sustainable Design, LUO Chengshi Awarded 2011 MSc
  9. Research on BIM – Building Information Modelling and its application in AEC, ZHANG Renfei Awarded 2011 MSc
  10. BIM-based Design Workflow LIN Yeli Awarded 2011 MSc
  11. An investigation into the costs and benefits of BIM adoption for UK structural engineering practices, KNIGHT Scott Awarded 2012 MSc
  12. Optimisation and Control Strategies in HVAC System Operations, JAYAN Bejay Awarded 2012 MSc
  13. BIM based Multi-objective Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis, DU Xiang Awarded 2012 MSc
  14. A New Methodology For BIM Adoption Starting With Local Council Projects, Isaac Bamfield Awarded, 2012 MSc
  15. The Investigation of BIM-based Design Workflow in ArchiCAD, SUN Yanhui Awarded, 2012 MSc
  16. Building Information Modelling Based Energy Analysis, GAN Lu Awarded, 2013 MSc
  17. A Bridge Information Modelling (BrIM) Framework for Design and Construction, ZOU Yang Awarded, 2013 MSc
    (Lecturer in University of Auckland)
  18. The role of BIM in AEC industry MUHAMMAD UMARU Awarded, 2014 MSc
  19. BIM Research by Application of Big Data Analytics, LI Xiao Awarded, 2014 MSc
  20. BIM- based Timber Passivhaus conceptual Design GAO Zishu Awarded, 2014 MSc
  21. The Legal, Contractual and Insurance implications of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the UK AEC sector Parveer Singh Awarded,  2015 MSc
  22. An optimization model for integrated multi-objectives district energy in cities, APANOMERITAKI EVANGELIA Awarded
    2016 MSc
  23. Ontology based river catchment management DILIP M DHARNA Awarded, 2016 MSc
  24. A research on the development of BIM maturity assessment models tools NIKOLAS CHATZIIOAKEIMIDIS Awarded, 2016 MSc
  25. BIM for bridge maintenance DING Rui Awarded,2017 MSc
  26. Unity3D-based Asset Information Model for Bridge Handover FAN Yuxiang Awarded, 2017 MSc
  27. Increase of interoperability between Revit and IES VE through MVD development GEORGIOS TSIOULOS Awarded, 2017 MSc