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A Gentle Introduction to Data Analysis using R

Duration 10 weekly meetings
Tutor Dr Jim Vafidis
Course code COM24A5579A
Fee £261
Concessionary fee £209 (find out about eligibility and funding options)

50-51 Park Place
CF10 3AT

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This module is an introduction to data analysis using R, tailored for you if you are new to statistical computing, particularly amateur scientists and learners preparing for healthcare or science courses.

Over ten weeks, you will explore the fundamentals of R programming, data manipulation, basic statistics, and effective data visualisation techniques.

Each session will build confidence and proficiency in a supportive, step-by-step learning environment.

Practical exercises and real-world projects ensure that you will be able to grasp theoretical concepts and apply them practically, preparing them for further academic pursuits or to enhance their professional skills in data-driven fields.

Learning and teaching

Teaching in this module will take place in practical computer workshops in the Lifelong Learning building on 50-51 Park Place in Cardiff.

The course will run for 10 weeks in 2-hour weekly sessions.

Each teaching session is designed to allow ample time for discussions and support.

Practical sessions will include activities like creating and importing datasets, data manipulation and graphics, descriptive and inferential statistics.

Coursework and assessment

The coursework will involve a series of practical assignments where you will apply R programming to solve data analysis problems.

These tasks are designed to help you build confidence and proficiency in handling real-world data, from basic manipulations to creating effective visualisations.

To gauge your progress and understanding, there will be a class test at the end of the course.

This assessment is intended to be accessible and supportive, ensuring that you are comfortable with the concepts and skills you've learned.

The overall aim is to make your learning experience as enriching and enjoyable as possible, preparing you for further academic pursuits or professional tasks in data-driven fields.

Reading suggestions

  • Thomas R. et al., 2017. Data analysis with R statistical software : a guidebook for scientists
  • De Vries, A. Meys,J. 2015. R for Dummies
  • Loftus, S. 2022. Basic statistics with R : reaching decisions with data

Library and computing facilities

As a student on this course you are entitled to join and use the University’s library and computing facilities. Find out more about using these facilities.


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