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What happens after you report a dead otter?

Reporting a dead otter is the first step in the journey to discover more about otters.

From road to research


Collection usually happens on the same day as the carcass is reported. Collecting the otter carcass is organised by local wildlife groups, Natural Resources Wales, Environment Agency or International Otter Survival Fund.


The otter carcass is packaged and frozen. The body could be stored for several months after collection. Some of the storage places that we use prefer to store otter bodies until they have several to transport at once in order to reduce costs.

Transport to Cardiff

Frozen otter carcasses are packaged in cool boxes and transported by courier to Cardiff University.

Post mortem examination

Data and samples are archived for future research during post mortem examination procedures . A post mortem report is typed up shortly after the post mortem examination. As a finder you will receive a report if you send in your name and address.


We record observations and measurements, and archive biological samples that can be of great benefit to ecological research.

More details and examples of our research.