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Otter gall bladder parasites under microscope

Opening a can of worms

7 September 2016

New findings suggest that otter parasites are not invaders after all.

Gathering of experts spark new directions for wildlife disease and contaminants monitoring

28 January 2016

Cardiff University Otter Project hosted national WILDCOMS meeting with stakeholders


How healthy are Scotland’s otters?

14 February 2014

International funding will help scientists develop a much clearer understanding of the threats faced by UK otters.


Otter research on film

22 January 2014

Online films show the work of Cardiff University Otter Project.

Study reveals disease-causing parasites in dead otters

17 June 2013

Parasite spread by cat faeces found in 39.5% of otters.

Are chemicals damaging the health of male otters?

25 February 2013

Hormone disrupting chemicals linked to problems in reproductive health of male otters.