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Latest news

‘Forever chemicals’ found in English otters

17 June 2024

PFAS, also known as ‘forever chemicals’, have been found in English otters

Two Eurasian otters in wood

Uncovering the genetic history of British otters

1 December 2023

New data reveals surprising information about the species

An otter standing on a tree

High pathology avian influenza surveillance in otters update

30 May 2023

Samples from the otter project are making a vital contribution to virology research.

An otter standing in a river with a fish in its mouth

Avian flu update

20 February 2023

Updated results on high pathology avian influenza in mammals.

Two otters in a river behind some grass

High pathology avian flu detected in mammals

2 February 2023

Information and guidance on high pathology avian influenza in mammals.

Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in otters across England and Wales – new research

25 January 2022

Study led by Cardiff University Otter Project suggests ‘widespread pollution’ of British freshwaters

Otter populations in Wales show decline, survey suggests

16 December 2021

Cardiff University experts helped survey more than 1,000 sites in Wales


Otter genome to help understand genetic legacy of pollution crisis and secure species’ future

19 February 2020

Cardiff University researchers say genomic data will help signpost emerging threats to otters and humans

Otter with fish

Sequencing the otter genome to improve environmental monitoring

6 December 2017

Cardiff University’s Otter Project aims to get the genome of the otter sequenced.

Otter gall bladder parasites under microscope

Opening a can of worms

7 September 2016

New findings suggest that otter parasites are not invaders after all.