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Research at the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences

Our innovative research delivers advances in knowledge to facilitate detection, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of vision disorders to improve quality of life.

Neurodegeneration and Ageing


Our basic science and clinical research is focused around three themes: neuroscience and ageing; stem cells, regeneration and repair; and visual and ocular development.

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Impact at the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences

Our research delivers advances in fundamental knowledge, impact on clinical practice and improvements in quality of life.

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Learn more about our collaborations with leading vision researchers from around the world.

Vision Science

Facilities and equipment

Our school is housed in a dedicated £22 million facility with a built in eye clinic enabling top quality teaching, clinical practice and research.


Participate in research

We are frequently looking for members of the public to help with our research and there are a number of ways you can get involved.