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School responds to civic mission challenge

6 October 2017

Professor Martin Kitchener sat alongside Kirsty Williams AM

Kirsty Williams AM, Cabinet Secretary for Education, has heard how Cardiff University is responding to the social and economic challenges of our time on a visit to Cardiff Business School.

In a series of presentations, the Cabinet Secretary was introduced to the School’s public value strategy which underpins a range of activities from research into the impact of the living wage and responsible innovation to partnerships with organisations like Enactus and support for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Recognising the role business and management could play in tackling the grand challenges of contemporary society, the School adopted a new strategy in 2015 becoming the world’s first public value business school.

“A key influence”

Professor Martin Kitchener, Dean and Head of School, said: “The Cabinet Secretary has been a key influence during the implementation of our new strategy, so it’s a pleasure to welcome her to the University to share the progress we’ve made embedding public value across our research, teaching and governance.

“Business education is under increasing scrutiny so it’s more important than ever that we demonstrate our relevance and the impact we have on the communities around us...”

“I hope our presentations have given the Cabinet Secretary an idea of our direction of travel and highlighted that we are a business school committed to delivering social and economic improvement.”

Professor Martin Kitchener Professor of Public Sector Management and Policy

The Cabinet secretary also heard how public value informs the School’s teaching and learning, enabling students to grow in confidence and critical capacity so they can challenge the status quo and provoke change in the jobs they go on to pursue.

Kirsty Williams AM, said: “One of the ambitions of our national mission for education is to develop ethical citizens who are equipped to respond to the challenges faced by Wales and the world...”

“It’s therefore encouraging to learn more about how Cardiff Business School is acknowledging its civic mission, equipping and inspiring its students to deliver public value.”

Kirsty Williams AM Cabinet Secretary for Education

“I look forward to seeing how this strategy develops and positively influences communities at a local, regional, national and international level.”

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