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Conference brings together PhD community

23 January 2023

An image of a class listening to a lady stood at the front presenting.
Professor Sarah Gilmore introducing the conference.

A PhD mini conference held at Cardiff Business School on 11 January 2023 brought together the research community and generated brilliant student feedback.

The annual conference was co-organised by Cardiff Organisational Research Group (CORGies) and the Employment Relations Unit (ERU).

The event, which around forty people attended, supported PhD student research and professional development. It gave PhD students the opportunity to share their work with peers and staff.

Professor Sarah Gilmore, co-cordinator of CORGies said:

"We're really pleased with the attendance and engagement for the event, particularly as this was our first chance to host the conference in-person as well as online since the pandemic. It was great to see students catch up with their peers and begin to make deeper connections with members of staff over the detail of their research as it progresses."

Professor Sarah Gilmore Professor of Organization Studies

The conference featured 9 presentations split into 3 themes. The first part of the day was themed on entrepreneurship and was chaired by Professor Sarah Gilmore. The next section, chaired by Dr Cara Reed, was themed on disruption, rivalry and risk. The final part of the day, chaired by Dr Luciana Zorzoli, focused on public policy, work and knowledge.

Dr Luciana Zorzoli, interim co-ordinator of ERU said:

"The presentations demonstrated the depth and breadth of research that is being undertaken by PhD students within our community and staff and students alike were impressed with the quality of the work being produced."

Dr Luciana Zorzoli Lecturer in Employment Relations

Cara Reed, co-ordinator of CORGies said:

"Developing a strong PhD community is a priority at Cardiff Business School and events like this allow us to bring that community together to share in the highs and lows of conducting research and developing the ideas this work generates."

Dr Cara Reed Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies

Katherine Parsons, final year PhD student who has presented at the conference for the last few years said:

"The conference has been such an invaluable part of my PhD journey - from presenting the earliest genesis of my PhD project right through to the final end product three years later, today. I am so thankful to be part of such an encouraging, supportive and inspiring research group and benefit hugely from not only receiving feedback and questions on my own work from my peers and esteemed colleagues but also from seeing how my fellow PhD colleagues' work is developing. I am feeling motivated to push through the final viva hurdle now. Thank you, colleagues."

A lady stood in front of a large powerpoint screen presenting to an audience
Katherine Parsons presenting at the conference.

Samta Marwaha, 2nd year PhD student who presented for the first time at the conference stated:

"As a second year PhD student and a first-time presenter at an academic conference, the conference formed a perfect platform showcase my research thus far and to receive insightful feedback for future progress. The vast range of interdisciplinary research topics provided for new dimensions of intriguing conversations and fresh perspectives. The collegial atmosphere added to the overall value of being a presenter, by making it a fun learning experience. On a personal note, the conference contributed to my ongoing PhD journey by increasing my awareness about novel avenues pertinent to my research. In a nutshell, the mini PhD conference is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed!"

Find out more about Cardiff Organisational Research Unit and the Employment Relations Unit.

A man presenting to a class stood in front of a large screen
Anlan Zhang presenting at the conference.

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