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‘Living’ flag to celebrate LGBT+ community

21 September 2018

VC planting rainbow flag
Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan plants a bulb

Staff and students have planted bulbs to create a ‘living’ Rainbow flag to celebrate the University’s LGBT+ community.

The different flowers – daffodils, tulips, snake’s head fritillaries and grape hyacinths - will blossom into the colours of the flag next spring.

The project was led by Lee Raye in the Grounds Maintenance Team and supported by the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, Estates and Enfys, the University’s LGBT+ staff network.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Karen Holford were among many staff and students to plant bulbs.

The University was named as one of Stonewall’s top 15 employers of 2018.

The Rainbow Flag is the symbol of the LGBT+ community and pride movement, and was originally designed in 1978.

The most popular version involves six colours - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

These colours originally symbolised life, healing, sunlight, nature, serenity and spirit, but the different colours have also come to represent different LGBT+ communities.

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