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Visiting us for assessment

When you visit the Neurodevelopment Assessment Unit, a member of our team will welcome you and explain what you and your child will be doing on the day.

Children who visit us will take part in a series of games, puzzles and activities in our specially designed research room, including:

  • activities on a computer
  • games with toys
  • puzzles on a tablet
  • activities using books
  • asking and answering questions.

Each activity has been designed with children in mind, and most enjoy doing them. We use the tasks so we can find out more about your child’s skills and abilities, such as their memory, language, attention and emotions.

While your child is doing the activities, you will be in another room nearby, answering some questionnaires about your child’s development, emotions and behaviour.

At the end of your visit, we will also ask you whether you would like to be invited to take part in other studies in the future. The information that we collect during your visit will be brought together in the form of a report. We send this report back to the teachers at your child’s school, to help the teachers to understand the support that your child needs.

Every child who visits us for an assessment receives a small present as a way of saying thank you for working so hard before they go home.