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Refer a child

We run a research unit for children aged four to seven who are experiencing difficulties in aspects of emotion, cognition and behaviour. 

One aim of this study is to provide information that can be used by professionals to help shape the support that a child might receive. A second aim is to build a picture from the research findings of the different abilities and difficulties that children have, which will help identify new methods for improving behaviour and learning.

The information collected will be used to:

  • create a summary report for the child’s school
  • inform future interventions or assessment requirements for the pupil
  • develop our understanding of the causes of specific developmental difficulties in childhood
  • guide the development of new interventions to help overcome these problems.

Reporting the results of a referral

The study’s ethical approval only permits us to send a report to a child’s school as the acting referrer. This technical account of the results may be useful in helping the child in the school environment. We recommend to the referrer that they meet with the parent or teacher to discuss the results of this report.

The report that a child’s school receives will include an overview of their assessment results. We will contact you to let you know when we have sent the report, so that you can schedule a meeting with the child’s school to discuss the report and how they could use it to guide their support for the child.

The scientific results of the study will be analysed and studied by the research team, and only members of the research team will have access to the data. These results will be reported in scientific papers and published in journals, and may be presented at conferences. Children, teachers and parents will not be personally identifiable in our description of our findings.

Get in touch

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