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Neurodevelopment Assessment Unit

We draw on our extensive research to assess and support children who are experiencing emotional, cognitive and behavioural problems.

Information for parents and teachers about referring a child.


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Volunteers needed for ADHD study

13 October 2023

Volunteers needed for ADHD study

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Drawing competition winners

27 September 2023

Last term, we challenged the children to draw a picture to represent their favourite activity from their NDAU session. Take a look at the winning entries.

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Increased mental health difficulties in vulnerable children and families during lockdown - a podcast

12 May 2021

Listen to a podcast where we discuss the impact of lockdowns on vulnerable children's mental health.

Our research investigates and addresses the needs of children who show emotional, cognitive, or behavioural difficulties and problems.

Our assessments explore your child’s skills with attention, memory, language and emotion recognition.

We are based in the Centre for Human Developmental Science at the School of Psychology, and we investigate the emotional, cognitive and social processes involved in developmental problems in children.

If you would like to refer your child to the NDAU, you will first need to discuss this with their school.