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We celebrate intellectual and creative diversity through wide-ranging but interconnected specialisms. 

Our research balances cultural-historical approaches with the analytical and critical, and promotes a broad spectrum of methodologies, including sketch studies, archival research, editing and philology, textual analysis, iconography, aesthetics, cultural theory, ethnography, oral history, microhistory, and digital humanities.

Our staff are exploring the lives and work of major musical figures, composing for major ensembles, performing in venues worldwide, providing programming advice and guidance to cultural organisations, analysing the aesthetics of counterpoint, and exploring postmodernism in music.

Explore our research themes for more information on our work in these distinctive areas:

Musicology, Ethnomusicology and Popular Music

Cultural and historical approaches balanced with analytical and critical perspectives.


Fresh and diverse range of approaches to contemporary composition.


Instrumental practice and vocal performance from the eighteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries.