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Our staff members currently conduct research on a great variety of musical subjects.

We have a diverse portfolio of research projects, covering many methodologies including sketch studies, analysis, archival research, editing and philology, iconography, aesthetics, cultural and critical theory, ethnography, oral history, microhistory, and digital humanities.

Spotlight – new work

Dr Carlo Cenciarelli is currently exploring cinematic listening and to what extent cinematic conventions now shape our understanding of sounds and images outside the cinema.

This is a new area of interdisciplinary study with two primary objectives:

  • A better understanding of how listening to film is situated in specific textual, spatial and historical practices.
  • An exploration of how modes of listening to film may have extended beyond the texts, places and institutions of cinema.

Current projects

Music, conflict and Ulster loyalism

Unraveling the role songs play in inciting violence during war and legitimising structural violence during peace.

Sopranos, Italian Opera and the New Woman

How Italian sopranos shaped women’s emancipation and the modern woman.

Previous projects

Explore some of our large-scale research projects completed in the last ten years for an insight into our expertise and passion.

City of Light: Paris 1900-1950

Sharing expertise with the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Instruments of War

Exploring music in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

Opera and Parody

The cultural importance of caricature and parody.

San Francisco and the Long 60s

A cultural history of music in San Francisco.

Vienna and the Culture of Music: 1700, 1800, 1900

A long overdue, alternative approach to the history of music in Vienna.