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Popular Music Collective

Exploring all aspects of modern live performance.

The Pop Collective offers students opportunities to explore popular music and the world of live performance. Ensemble members bring together their skills in performance, arrangement, songwriting, and recording under the tuition of director Maddie Jones.

The Pop Collective is open to Cardiff University students with auditions taking place each September. Students interested in sound engineering, production, management, content creation and social media are also encouraged to get in touch!

For more information please contact Elin Jones at

The Pop Collective challenges students to build their experience in bands and introduces them to new ways of performing and producing music.

Director Maddie Jones brings a wealth of experience in live performance and will work with the ensemble in designing and creating all aspects of live performance.

Ensemble Leader: Maddie Jones

Photograph of Maddie Jones
Maddie Jones

Maddie Jones is a Cardiff-based singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, pianist, composer, musical director, mentor, teacher and content creator with significant experience in mentoring young musicians, most notably through the Forté Project.

Her work as a director of the Pop Collective is supported by her experience in a broad stylistic spectrum. Performing in a variety of groups, and releasing and performing original music as MADITRONIQUE, she has garnered multiple awards for her work.