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Careers and employability

We support you in your personal and professional development as well as your academic development.

Our degree programmes offer the opportunity to develop musical and intellectual skills in a way that will be applicable both inside and outside the music profession.

We actively encourage our students to develop musical and critical skills that are suited to a wide variety of careers and workplaces. 100% of our 2017 graduates found employment or were in further study six months after graduating (DLHE 2016/17).

Skills to boost your career prospects

Employability skills are embedded in our modules so that you will learn music-specific skills, such as performance (teamwork), composition (creativity) and analysis (problem-solving), and academic skills including reasoning, comprehension, and oral and written communication, which will prove themselves easily transferable to other domains, especially the workplace.

Music students are often able to demonstrate skills and attributes that help them to stand out from other candidates when job-hunting. They have self-discipline (think about the many hours of practice); performing under pressure (overcoming nerves to perform on stage and at auditions); technical skills (from using technology to create and record music); teamwork (working in orchestras and ensembles); and commercial awareness (from managing income from performing or teaching).

The creativity of the subject aids music students in making an impact in the competitive job seekers’ market by presenting themselves as creative learners with the ability to meet and overcome problems and challenges.

Where do our graduates go?

Many of our students enter the music profession in roles such as:

  • arts administrators
  • composers
  • conductors
  • music librarians
  • performers
  • teachers.

Students also go on to careers in a range of fields demonstrating how a music degree can help you gain the skills and flexibility required to keep your options open throughout your working life.

Career paths include:

  • web development
  • journalism
  • marketing
  • the civil service
  • management
  • law.