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About us

Cardiff Team

Our ambition is to remain at the forefront of research in palliative care.

Who we are

We are based within the School of Medicine at Cardiff University, with direct links to the Wales Cancer Trials Unit at the Cardiff Centre for Trials Research. Our location allows us to link in not only with Marie Curie and hospices but also with academic and clinical colleagues across the UK, and with research groups with a wide range of interests.

We are also members of the Welsh Government funded Wales Cancer Research Centre. We lead on the Palliative and Supportive Care research theme and Patient and Public Involvement within this Centre. We work with a range of professionals including:

  • oncologists
  • nurses
  • physiotherapists
  • sports scientists
  • psychologists
  • lab scientists
  • statisticians
  • IT specialists.

Since our inception in 2010 we have attracted over £11m of external funding, bringing inward investment into Wales and creating new research posts.

Research aims

Our aim is to develop and support well designed research in palliative care, with the focus on design and conduct of pragmatic studies which will translate into better patient care.

There are three clinical or academic theme leads. Aside from the Centre's own research programmes, we help researchers and clinicians throughout the UK to develop and run their research ideas, providing free advice and support.

The primary criteria for inclusion of studies onto our portfolio is that they will change practice, and that they include and take account of the patient and family experience. Our research is centred on three themes:

  • rehabilitation
  • patient and carer experience
  • thrombosis.

Research portfolio

The centre’s research portfolio spans all methodologies and types of research including

  • multicentre mixed methods studies
  • large-scale phase 3 clinical trials
  • teaching and supervision of PhD, MSc and intercalation students
  • evaluation projects.