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Globally recognised, locally relevant, with an interdisciplinary outlook.

Our historians are pushing boundaries within and beyond the discipline, striking partnerships within Wales, the UK, and globally, creating lasting impact far beyond academia.

We’re investigating a fascinating range of fields, developing and expanding knowledge in such varied subjects as the Atlantic world, the social history of medicine, transnational and transcultural history, environmental history, warfare in Ancient and Modern contexts, and closer to home in Wales and the world.

Through our work, we aim to illustrate the relevance of history in our fast-changing, interconnected world, from hyperlocal resonances to global, centuries-long trends.

Engagement and collaboration

A mark of our interdisciplinarity is the ScienceHumanities initiative. Forged across English, History, Law, Medicine and the Social Sciences at Cardiff, this trail-blazing collaboration is encouraging valuable exchange on contemporary topics, with partnerships now crisscrossing Europe and North America.

Our award-winning approach to public engagement and civic mission is making powerful impacts in communities, with our research being used in inclusive and mutually-informative ways. Evolving from partnerships nurtured since 2011, the multi-award-winning CAER Heritage Project is widely recognised as a beacon of best practice in the UK.

In its biggest phase yet, the £1.65 million Hidden Hillfort project is now harnessing research across history and archaeology to empower a community to transform itself through its heritage. All only possible through partnerships centred in the community around Action for Caerau and Ely, and thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Since the Research Excellence Framework review in 2014, History and Ancient History academics accelerated their publications to 670 outputs, an increase of 18%. This has been achieved through ongoing investment in early-career scholars as well as established historians.