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We explore and share a passion for past societies and religious beliefs, from prehistory to the present day, in a way that impacts academia, educators, heritage organisations, healthcare professionals, government policy-makers, and the general public.

We believe in enhancing long-standing relationships with these external beneficiaries. We do this through a broad range of activities including: knowledge transfer; popular writing; stimulating artistic responses; contributions to regional and national media; providing professional services; and by helping develop policy.

Impact highlights

Soldiers beside the sphinx.

Views of an Antique Land

A new online visual archive presents the little known Egypt and Palestine theatre of the First World War, as it was seen through the eyes of British soldiers.

Welsh flag painted on face

The changing identity of Welsh emigrants

Research reveals how the identity of Welsh migrants changed as they adapted to new cultures.

Protected hull of ss Great Britain

Saving heritage ironwork from the ravages of rust

Studying effective corrosion cures to help our museums preserve ironwork for posterity.

Buddhist prayer book

Translation research shapes Buddhist practice in Germany

Our pioneering research into the translation of a sacred Buddhist text has influenced contemporary Buddhist practice in Germany.

Birth and Death of Czechoslovakia panel

Reassessing the past: changing public understanding of Czechoslovakia's treatment of minorities

A ground-breaking project showcasing how historical research can impact the wider world and shape international policy.