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Certificate and awards

Last updated: 29/09/2023 11:43

You will receive a hard copy of your degree certificate within ten weeks. You can can access digital copies of your certificate and Higher Education Achievement Record via the Verify web portal.

All awards recommended by an Examining Board are conferred by the University Awards and Progress Committee. The committee meets several times a year - your School can confirm which Awards and Progress Committee you are intended to be presented to.

Be aware that if you have any outstanding educational debt greater than £30 you will not be included in the presentation lists for the Awards and Progress Committee until the debt has been paid.

Keep your contact details up to date in your SIMS account to ensure that you receive all correspondence and certificates are sent to the right place. If you are unable to access SIMS, contact Student Connect with your change of details.

Confirmation of your award

Following the University Awards and Progress Committee, you will receive two emails:

  • The first e-mail will confirm the date your award was agreed upon and the address to where your certificate will be sent – this is always the home address you have on SIMS. Ensure this is up-to-date and correct.
  • The second e-mail confirms that the Verify web portal is live and will tell you how to access your digital certificate and, if you are eligible, your Higher Education Record.

Following the Examining Board and before the Awards and Progress Committee and conferment of your award, you will have received your interim transcript, which explains your results and confirms if you can receive your final award. The transcript includes guidance on your grades and the importance of discussing your concerns with your academic or personal tutor.

Current students and recent graduates with an active university log-in can access the student intranet to find out more about:

Copies of your certificate and awards

Once you have received the 'Verify is Live' email, you will be able to register your Verify account and access your digital Degree Certificate and your Higher Education Achievement Record. You can then view and share your digital Degree Certificate and your Higher Education Achievement Record documents via the University's Verify web portal. This portal is a safe way to share your documentation and digitally present your achievements to employers, postgraduate tutors, and others.

A printed copy of your degree certificate will be posted to you. You can expect to receive your certificate within 10 weeks of receiving the confirmation of conferment email.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about receiving your certificate, contact us:

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