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Certificate and awards

Last updated: 25/07/2022 17:01

Your certificate will be sent to you by post.

Graduates of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught courses will receive:

  • an email from Registry, confirming the date of your degree award, and the address to where your certificate will be sent
  • a further email with information about how to log onto the Verify web portal where you will be able to access your electronic certificate and Higher Education Achievement Report.

If any changes are needed to your address, please inform Registry as soon as possible, to ensure that your documents reach you safely.

You will receive your certificate eight weeks after the date of Awards and Progress Committee.

If you have any questions or concerns about receiving your certificate, please contact the Registry Team. Your School will be able to indicate which Awards and Progress Committee you are intended to be presented to.

Do not share your degree certificate online

Degree fraud can affect anyone and after investing time and money in a degree, you should not take risks by posting images with your certificate in them. By sharing these images online you are potentially playing into the hands of fraudsters who can:

  • use it to take on your identity and use it to benefit from unlawfully using your name, for financial advantages, or to obtain credit
  • create fake degrees by copying university/institution logos, crests, holograms, and stamps and selling these on.

Degree certificates are precious and private information such as your full name, address, contact telephone number, student ID number and any signatures should be guarded – please take care!

Share your documents safely

When your documents are available, you will be sent an email inviting you to register for a Verify account. This will provide you with online access to your Degree Certificate and Higher Education Acheivement Record documents via the University's Verify web portal, where you will be able to view and share your documents safely.

Awards and Progress Committee

All Awards recommended by an Examining Board must be conferred by the University Awards and Progress Committee before your certificate and Higher Education Achievement Report can be issued.  The committee meets several times a year.

If you have any outstanding educational debt greater than £30 you will not be included in the presentation lists for the Awards and Progress Committee until the debt has been paid.

Examples of educational debt include:

  • tuition fees
  • library debt
  • resubmission fees
  • re-registration fees
  • sitting examinations outside Cardiff
  • field trips.

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