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The Environment Research Group is a large cluster of human geographers and environmental planners interested in understanding and resolving contemporary global environmental challenges.

Key research questions addressed by members of this Group cut across a range of different fields -- from climate change and food security to renewable energy and green infrastructure, through to rural development, biosecurity and sustainable food systems, ecological footprinting, energy transitions and post-Brexit environmental governance.

Drawing on cutting-edge theoretical approaches from human geography, science and technology studies and political ecology, research by members of this Group is conducted using a range of methodological approaches, including ethnographic, participatory methods and ecological footprinting.

Influence and impact

Reflecting the global significance of environmental research, the Group has strong links across the University with sustainability researchers as well as partnerships with other universities in the UK and abroad. Members of the group conduct research across the world, with a particular focus on Europe, China and New Zealand.

Funded by the European Commission and a range of national and international organisations, researchers in the Environment Group have raised the profile of urban food policies in UN debates, influenced European legislation on animal welfare and provided support to the Welsh National Food Policy and Rural Development Plan and DEFRA’s management of animal disease and biosecurity.

Led by Dr Kirstie O’Neill, the Group includes Dr Andrea Collins, Dr Richard Cowell, Dr Gareth Enticott, Flynn, Dr Kersty Hobson, Dr Antonio Ioris, Professor Terry Marsden, Dr Dalia Mattioni, Professor Paul Milbourne, Dr Hannah Pitt, Dr Ruth Potts, Professor Sonnino and Dr Rebecca Windemer as well as several PhD researchers.

Group lead

Dr Kirstie O'Neill

Dr Kirstie O'Neill

Lecturer in Environmental Geography

+44 (0)29 2087 6271