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Human geography

Discovering Cardiff

This booklet is a background to the geographical, historical, economic and political factors that have shaped the growth of Cardiff.

Discovering Cardiff

Multiple, overlapping and interacting geographies of Cardiff are only recently beginning to be researched and these historic biases and silences in scholarship help explain, if not justify, the focus of this book.

Cardiff Bay walking tour

Aerial shot of Cardiff

This circular walk provides a flavour of the old and new Cardiff Bay. The area has been transformed over the last thirty years and is a well-known example of large-scale physical regeneration.

While many will argue about its overall design, few would dispute that there has been a vast physical improvement in the area over that time.

Take a look at our interactive map for more details and to follow the walk.

Cultural geography - people and place

Mapping Welsh neighbourhood typesPDF downloadDr Scott Orford
Representations of PlacePDF downloadMia Sandhu
 YouTube videoMia Sandhu
StudentificationPDF downloadDr Jon Anderson
 YouTube videoDr Jon Anderson
The sport of surfingPDF downloadDr Jon Anderson
 YouTube videoDr Jon Anderson

Development geography

Child labourYouTube videoDr Peter Mackie
Informal vending in the developing worldPDF downloadDr Peter Mackie

Economic geography and development

Designing and regeneration in Liverpool City Centre 1990-2010PDF downloadMike Biddulph
Economic crises: The economic resilience of regionsPDF downloadProfessor Gillian Bristow and Dr Adrian Healy
 YouTube videoDr Adrian Healy
Globalisation, Labour Markets and Community in Contemporary BritainPDF downloadDr Anthony Ince
Planning and development of CardiffPDF downloadDr Neil Harris
Retail change in CardiffPDF downloadProfessor Cliff Guy
The development of the Cardiff City RegionPDF downloadDr David Waite and Professor Kevin Morgan
 YouTube videoProfessor Gillian Bristow

Social geography and social inclusion

Alcohol and family lifePDF downloadProfessor Mark Jayne
Community gardening in disadvantaged urban neighbourhoodsPDF downloadProfessor Paul Milbourne
HomelessnessPDF downloadDr Peter Mackie
Migration and neighbourhoodsPDF downloadDr Richard Gale
Open-cast coal mining in the South Wales ValleysPDF downloadDr Kevin Mason and Professor Paul Milbourne
Street life studies and the design of residential streetsPDF downloadMike Biddulph
Voting in electionsPDF downloadDr Scott Orford

Sustainability and the environment

Addressing the environmental impacts of road transportPDF downloadDr Georgina Santos, Hannah Behrendt, Laura Maconi, Tara Shirvani and Alexander Teytelboym
Biosecurity and animal healthPDF downloadGareth Enticott
Eco-Cities in ChinaPDF downloadDr Andrew Flynn
Food securityPDF downloadDr Ana Moragues Faus
Global EnergiesPDF downloadOlly Shrubb
 YouTube videoOlly Shrubb
Issues in sustainable developmentPDF downloadDr Shin Lee
Light rail and travel behaviourPDF downloadDr Shin Lee
Ocean GovernancePDF downloadKitty Beare
 YouTube videoKitty Beare
Sustainable food supply systemsPDF downloadDr Andrew Flynn
The environmental impacts of a major sporting event: A case study of the FA Cup finalPDF downloadDr Andrew Flynn
The environmental impacts of major cycling eventsYouTube videoDr Andrea Collins
The environmental impacts of sport: The case of footballPDF downloadHeledd Jenkins
Waste ManagementPDF downloadLauren Darbyshire
 YouTube videoLauren Darbyshire