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Writing Development Centre

The Writing Development Centre offers a range of services to help students in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy develop their academic writing and written language skills.

We aim to help you with the transition from secondary to university writing, and we support the development of your writing skills throughout your degree programme. We will help you become confident and independent writers.

One-to-one writing development sessions

Our experienced tutors go through your chosen piece of work, helping you to identify problem areas such as clarity, organisation, concision, and much more. We aim to empower you to find solutions for yourself and strengthen your confidence in your writing skills.

We can work with you on writing at any stage of the writing process, from an essay plan or initial draft right through to a marked essay with feedback.

The tutorials were really useful – I got an average of 20% more on my essays this term when I used the support​.
Sam English Language (BA)

Writing workshops

We also offer writing workshops throughout the academic year, which allow students to deepen their understanding of various aspects of writing and analyse and discuss these issues with examples from previous essays. Topics include writing introductions and conclusions, paragraph structure, cohesion and coherence, being concise, and much more.

The support was very helpful, boosted my grades and therefore my writing confidence.
Chloe English Literature (BA)

Additional resources

We have developed a wide range of bite-sized, informative and interactive videos on a wide range of topics to increase your awareness of academic writing practices, to help you grow in confidence, and to improve your employability.

Video content ranges from essay structure and referencing styles, such as Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) and Harvard, to self-critical reading and editing.

The Writing Centre played a crucial role in my learning experience. It not only helped me improve my grades but also equipped me with a good understanding of academic writing, something that will be very beneficial to me in future. Coming from a different educational background, I initially found it very challenging to be able to express myself clearly and academically. But with the help of the Writing Centre, I gained confidence in my expression. 
Ritu Forensic Linguistics (MA)

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Writing Development Centre