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International students

We are a friendly and culturally diverse community, with a host of international staff and students.

Our global community offers a vibrant and collegiate environment, representing multiple countries and cultures in both our staff and student body. Each year, we welcome large numbers of international students who enhance and enrich the School.

We recognise that making the move from your home country and integrating into an unfamiliar culture can be a daunting experience. As such we are committed to providing specialised support and guidance to help make your university experience a comfortable and fulfilling one.

A warm welcome to our capital city

One of the youngest capital cities in Europe, Cardiff is a great place to live and study.

You’ll find our community is both friendly and welcoming, helping you to feel at home so you can reach your full potential.

An exciting hub of activity is Cardiff University Students' Union, home to more than 200 social groups and 60 sports clubs, all designed to enhance your university experience and enrich student life.

As a student, you’ll also discover a range of social events designed to introduce you to the culture and community of Cardiff and Wales, arranged both by the School and the University.

Supporting you

Our extensive support system will assist you from preparation to arrival and beyond, covering medical advice, career guidance and religious support. We aim to help you thrive not only academically, but socially, emotionally and professionally.

Even before your arrival, we offer extra support from current international students, who can offer practical advice and useful tips.

At application stage, our International Student Ambassador can answer questions about studying with us, and life as a postgraduate.

Once you arrive, we recommend you contact our School International Student Representative for tips to help you settle quickly.

Additionally, our School Thesis Group is a great way for Postgraduate research students to explore the range of thesis topics, and to socialise with students from across the world. This friendly group meets nine times a year, and hosts fun socials at the end of each semester.

Our Writing Support Centre offers a range of support to help you develop your academic writing and written language skills.

English language support for learners

International students enjoy access to our online English Resources and in-sessional Open Access classes.

Postgraduate English language learners can also get more help with English grammar, vocabulary and academic writing at our weekly in-sessional English language sessions.

Your next career steps

Whether you have a clear idea of what you’d like to do after university or no idea at all, we are here to help, guide and support you.

We are focused on providing you with opportunities to apply the academic theory of the classroom in a professional setting, ensuring you are work ready and attractive to employers after graduation.

We have a dedicated Careers Advisor who can provide you with expert and specific business-based advice and guidance.

We offer a wide range of Career and employability support including workshops, events and work experience placements, helping you to achieve your professional goals.