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Dr Lu Zhuo wins prestigious Royal Society International Exchange Grant for collaborative study.

7 May 2024

Dr Zhou’s project will examine how wind and water affects bridges and the slopes around them.

Lots of people wearing high-visibility vests examining an exploration trench in Canada

Cardiff joins £2.6 million centre to train new generation of mineral resources experts

7 March 2024

NERC-funded centre brings together expertise from industry and academia to enable UK transition to sustainable energy

An artist’s impression of an ancient Calamophyton tree forest

Earth’s earliest forest revealed in Somerset fossils

7 March 2024

390-million-year-old fossil trunks and branches found on Devon and Somerset coast

Dr Diana Contreras Mojica shares post-disaster recovery insights during Chile visit

26 February 2024

Dr Diana Contreras Mojica shares data analysis relating to the tenth anniversary of the 2010 Maule earthquake.

Dr Diana Contreras Mojica selected for prestigious GW4 Crucible 2024

26 February 2024

The GW4 Crucible 2024 is focused on tackling health disparities through radical interdisciplinary approaches.

An abstract image of white, grey and black smoke swirling around together

66 million-year history of carbon dioxide shows climate is highly sensitive to greenhouse gases

7 February 2024

Cardiff experts help map changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide in deep time

A replica globe of planet Earth balances on the corner of a white pl

Pivotal moment for humanity as tipping point threats and opportunities accelerate, report warns

7 February 2024

Cardiff experts contribute to most comprehensive study of tipping points ever conducted

A satellite image of a sandstorm on Earth taken from space

Climate and health impacts of dust inaccurately represented, study finds

17 January 2024

Cardiff-led team develop alternative model revealing truly global and seasonal dust emission cycle

Satellite image of Mbale region in Uganda during the flood of 2022.

Extreme fluctuations between drought and flooding are devastating communities at greatest risk of climate change impacts, new research reveals

14 November 2023

Researchers examined frequency and magnitude of flooding and drought hazards in six countries over four decades


Cardiff University researchers lead new project improving household hazard preparedness for citizens in low income countries

8 September 2023

Dr Joel C Gill, lecturer in sustainable geoscience and principal investigator of the ‘Improving Household Preparedness in Multi-Hazard Contexts’ project, has been funded by the global safety charity, Lloyd’s Register Foundation.