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You can usually combine modules (classes) in more than one Academic School when you come to study abroad in Cardiff from one of our international partners from outside of Europe.

Step two of our application guidance ('create your study programme') explains how many credits you should choose per semester, what course levels mean and shows you example programmes.

Whilst you're studying here, we'll also support your learning and assessment and help you to settle in in Cardiff.

Please note: students from one of our European exchange partners must take at least two thirds of their credits in the academic school they have been nominated to. For details of other modules which may be open to European exchange students refer to the  European Exchange  student module information and catalogue.

Hidlo canlyniadau

1-30 o 934 canlyniadau chwilio

Modiwl Semester Credydau Lefel Côd Flwyddyn
1989: A pivotal year for Europe Hydref 10 L4 CE5482 2023/24
A History of the Supernatural Gwanwyn 20 L5 HS6211 2023/24
A Sense of the Possible Gwanwyn 20 L6 SE4427 2023/24
Activist Poetry: Protest, Dissent, Resistance Hydref 20 L6 SE2627 2023/24
Advanced Analogue IC Design Gwanwyn 10 L6 EN3805 2023/24
Advanced Cell Biology and Imaging Dwbl 30 L6 BI3253 2023/24
Advanced Corporate Reporting Dwbl 20 L6 BS3521 2023/24
Advanced Environmental Geology Dwbl 20 L6 EA3306 2023/24
Advanced General Relativity and Gravitational Waves Gwanwyn 10 L7 PX4224 2023/24
Advanced German Language Year 1 Dwbl 40 L4 ML7188 2023/24
Advanced German Language Year 1 Hydref 20 L4 ML7088 2023/24
Advanced Italian Language (Year 1) Dwbl 40 L4 ML8188 2023/24
Advanced Italian Language Year 1 (semester) Hydref 20 L4 ML8088 2023/24
Advanced Materials (Study Abroad) Hydref 10 L7 CH8407 2023/24
Advanced Organometallic and Coordination chemistry Hydref 10 L6 CH8302 2023/24
Advanced Particle Physics Hydref 10 L7 PX4140 2023/24
Advanced petrology and geochemistry Dwbl 20 L6 EA3325 2023/24
Advanced Spectroscopy and Diffraction (Study Abroad) Gwanwyn 10 L6 CH8307 2023/24
Advanced Synthetic Strategies (Study Abroad) Hydref 10 L6 CH8303 2023/24
Advanced Techniques in Biophysical Chemistry (Study Abroad) Hydref 10 L7 CH8405 2023/24
Advances in Physiology and Pathophysiology Dwbl 30 L6 BI3355 2023/24
Advertising and Marketing Communications Management Dwbl 20 L6 BS3725 2023/24
Aesthetic Injustice Gwanwyn 20 L6 SE4434 2023/24
Aesthetics Gwanwyn 20 L6 SE4424 2023/24
African-American Literature Gwanwyn 20 L6 SE2451 2023/24
Algebra I: Groups Hydref 10 L5 MA2014 2023/24
Algebra II: Rings Hydref 10 L6 MA3014 2023/24
Algebra III: Fields Gwanwyn 10 L6 MA3015 2023/24
Algebraic Topology Gwanwyn 10 L6 MA3008 2023/24
Algorithms and Heuristics Gwanwyn 10 L6 MA3602 2023/24