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Human Factors Technology Laboratory

The Human Factors Technology Centre (HFTC) is a multi-disciplinary research centre, housed in Cardiff University’s School of Engineering, and founded by the Schools of Psychology, Computer Science and Engineering. Its aim is to develop research in emerging and innovative areas that require collaboration between engineering and human sciences including Human Factors and Human-computer Interaction, Human Vision and Visual Computing.


Enw Brand/model Manylion
3D Face scanning unit 3dMD 18 Camera rig, 2 x control server
3D video face capture system 3dMD 3D video camera 3DMD Dynamic 3D System: A 3D video face capture system. Dynamic active stereo vision system (2 stereo pods) and audio capture. The system can record in 3D a person speaking or making facial expressions for up to several minutes. Typically this ranges from a single static scan to a single sentence lasting around 1 minute.
Assorted 3D/2D display technologies Assorted 3D/2D display technologies Assorted 3D/2D display technologies: Crystal Eyes workstation and goggles, Laser 2002 3D Laser Display,WACOM CINTIQ 21UX INTERACTIVE PEN DISPLAY.
CyberGlove,18-sensor, left and right hand CyberGlove,18-sensor, left and right hand Datagloves for capturing Hand motion data.
Electro-magnetic sensor based motion capture system Ascention MotionStar MotionStar Magnetic Motion Capture System for two people, 24 markers in total.
FastScan Cobra hand held laser scanner FastScan Cobra hand held laser scanner
Interconnected Soundproof Booths Lab with Audio/Video recording facilities Interconnected Soundproof Booths Lab
ISCAN Video Based Eye Tracker
Phasespace Motion Capture System Phasespace Optical Motion Capture System
Sensor tracking system Polhemus LIBERTY 240 - 16 sensor tracking system Pulhemus Fastrak: A desktop 16 sensor magnetic motion capture system.


Dr Yulia Hicks

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